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Looking for a high quality 0.965" star diagonal for your vintage refractor, SCT, or finder?
High Quality 0.965" star diagonal

  • Prism diagonal
  • NOS made in Japan
  • All metal and glass construction (excluding end caps)
  • The interior of both barrels are and the body are blackened
  • Both barrels unscrew from the body
  • The back of the body is held on with screws, allowing access the interior for collimation, cleaning, etc.

I am not sure but this probably was sourced form Nihon Sieko, a well respected maker of telescope parts in the final half or so of the last century. They supplied Unitron with many parts.
Note this is a prism diagonal. Prism diagonals excel with longer focus telescopes. It was possibly made before dialectric diagonals were common.
I have been involved in amateur astronomy for over 25 years. I started collecting and trading vintage scopes back then. This diagonal is one of the best I have seen in the  0.965" size. Possibly one from the highest end like Takashashi or Goto might better it. 

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