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2.1.25''diameter T-adapter: Fits all standard 1.25" telescopes and microscope

3.T2 T-ring adapter: Usefulaccessory allows you to attach a Canon EOS camera to a telescope, cameraadapter, and other astrophotography accessories

4.TheVITE extension tube fits all standard 1.25" telescopes and microscope.

5.Usage:Thread T-adapter into T-ring adapter, then thread the whole mount adapter intoCanon EOS DSLR/SLR to connect to telescope/microscope

6.The1.25 "telescope eyepieces of various focal lengths and VITE extension tubecan be used with different photographic results.

7.Thering adapter can't auto focusing :The adapter ring has no electrical connectionand diaphragm & focusing are required to be set by manual.

Specification :


2.Tubelength: 2.68inch / 170px

3.Diameter:1.73inch / 110.00000000000001px

4.Overalllength: 4.13inch / 262.5px

5.Thread:Both the adapterare universalM42x0.75 thread

6.Mount:for Canon

7.Weight:5.54oz/ 157g


Package Includes:

1 X Photography ExtendedSleeve

1 X 1.25" T-Mount

1 X Camera T-Ring Adapter

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