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   1.  With this Laser collimator get the best image from your telescope you need to align your telescope regularly and this high quality laser collimator is an essential for this purpose. 1MW or 5mw red laser  Seven adjustable brightness levels.  To get the most out of your Newtonian scope you really need to align or collimate the mirrors. It can take some time getting used to aligning both the secondary and primary mirrors and this laser collimator can make it much easier.
  2.  The next generation Laser Collimator for mirror (refractor) telescopes has a 45 degree plate made of aluminum for easier visual accuracy.  Collimation is the alignment of elements inside an optical system like a telescope. Colimating a telescope consists of adjusting the tilt and position of the mirrors and lenses to ensure that the focal point reaches optimum focus at the point from which the image will be viewed (the eyepiece or possibly a camera). 

3. Many factors can affect the alignment of your optical system and can cause the mirrors to move slightly such as vibrations from movement or expansion and contraction from temperature changes. A mirror which is not properly aligned will cause the light path to shift. The changes to the optical system's light path will cause an image to become blurry and or unviewable. In order to ensure that you're seeing the best images your telescope is capable of providing, you should collimate you telescope before each use. Additionally you should collimate your telescope any time images become blurry. This laser collimator is designed to be used in a 1.25 inch focuser.

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