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Get Great Nebula Images Under City Lights or a Full Moon with the Orion Hydrogen-Alpha Extra Narrowband Astrophotography Filter!

Imagine capturing brilliant, high-contrast images of nebulas in full moonlight or in the thick of downtown light pollution. Bring it on, because you can do just that with Orion's H-alpha Extra Narrowband Astrophotography filter.

Designed exclusively for deep-sky astrophotography of emission nebulas with CCD cameras, this high-performance telescope filter transmits 90 percent of light at the hydrogen-alpha line of 656.3nm and has a very narrow full width at half-maximum (FWHM) bandpass of 7nm. It blocks out all other light, including artificial light pollution and moonlight. It also blocks infrared (IR) light. The result is a dramatic boost in contrast, revealing subtle nebular details that are usually washed out by contrast-killing broadband light. Stars come out tight and sharp.

This filter is also ideal for capturing luminance data for LRGB color imaging of hydrogen-alpha emission nebulae with Orion's monochrome imaging cameras or other similar monchrome cameras. When the monochromatic H-alpha image is combined with the exposures taken through red, green, and blue filters, the resulting color image teems with fine details that are "missing in action" in a standard color shot.

The Orion H-alpha Extra Narrowband Astrophotography filter is the perfect accessory for Orion's monochrome imaging cameras. The 1.25"-diameter telescope filter threads into the nosepiece of the camera or an Orion multiple filter wheel. And the price is better than many lesser-quality H-alpha filters on the market!

Note: This filter should NOT be used for solar observation.

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