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1.25" Superior Quality Multiple 5-Position Filter Wheel For Telescope - With LRGB Filter Set


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The 1.25" Superior Quality Multiple 5-Position Filter Wheel requires a light touch to revolve the wheel into its next position with minimal disruption to your scope settings. Each position has a click stop. Inside of the filter wheel has a 42mm T thread. In eyepiece use you fit the nosepiece on the telescope side and the eyepiece holder on the other. For camera use, the eyepiece holder is replaced with the 42mm Male to Male adapter included in the set giving you the option to connect your T ring or any other piece of equipment that terminates with a 42mm Female thread. A 42mm locking ring is also included as is a 42mm metal dustcap.Here's a simply elegant way to dial-in the filter you want for observing or photography. With the 5-Position Filter wheel, you can easily change 1.25" filters without removing your eyepiece or camera. Just rotate the wheel and your filter securely clicks into place, ready to use. You don't even need to leave the eyepiece Attaches directly to your telescope and accepts 1.25" accessories. Requires additional 20mm focus travel. LRGB imaging filter set includes 1.25" Luminance (IR cutoff), Red, Green, and Blue filters designed for creating high-quality composite color astrophotos with CCD monochrome imagers. Their anodized aluminum cells thread into the 5-Position 1.25" Filter Wheel.


  • Filter Wheel attaches directly to an astrophotography telescope and requires additional 20mm focus travel.
  • With this 1.25" Filter Wheel and LRGB astrophotography filter set, you can create dazzling three-step RGB astrophotos.
  • Up to 5-position, Standand 1.25 Threads crafted well for a variety of different brand filters. Fully sturdy aluminum constructed- suitable for heavy cameras,easy to use -just attached to your focuser either by the supplied 1.25" nosepiece adaptor or via a T-thread.
  • Red, blue, and green filters plus the haze-eliminating Luminance filter with metal filter cells give you stunning results,just rotate the wheel and the selected filter rotate into place quickly and easily. Change filters without removing your telescope eyepiece or astrophotography camera.
  • Included 5-Position 1.25" Filter Wheel lets you install all four filters and then dial-in the 1.25" filter you want to use for a particular astrophotographic exposure,protects astrophotography filters from dust, dirt, and impact, and keeps them ready for action.

Dimension: 2.91 x 5.97 x 5.33 inchs., Weight: 0.93lbs.

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