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1.25 To 0.965inch Telescope Eyepiece Adapter Telescope Astronomy Monocular U5G4

Description:A 1.25-inch to 0.965-inch adapter. This portable hybrid adapter allows you to use the old 0.965 format eyepiece in modern telescopes, usually accepting only 1.25 format eyepieces. Compression Ring Accessories to Avoid Damaging Your Eye Barrel
Features:Filtration threads at 0.965 diameter side to reduce internal reflection, black anodic alumina, chrome plated fixed screw, and copper compression
Model Number:Mount Adapter
for monocular binoculars:for telescope
monocular:100% for Factory
Mount Adapter:for telescope
Telescope Eyepiece Adapter:for telescope Astronomy Monocular
spotting scope adapter:Telescope Eyepiece Adapter
Telescope Adapters:for telescope professional
Eyepiece Adapter:31.7mm to 24.5mm Adapter
Package Contents:
1 * 1.25 inch to 0.96 inch installation adapter

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