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I bought this magnifier for a friend to help with their Macula Degeneration, in hopes of magnifying her reading material.  I know nothing else about this lens, except it looks like an additional lens adapter for a telescope.                   Lenses sit inside black metal housing of 6 5/8"W x 3 5/8"H.  The aperture measures 4.5"Diameter or 114mm.  Flat front with 2 convex lenses with curved lenses facing inward.  When holding up lenses, everything is inverted.  When put over images, held about 3" away from print, and it magnifies.  Black metal frame mounting has straight edges, cylindrical shape with L slots to slide onto something.  
I can't tell what the magnification power is, nor is there any ID of manufacturer.  If anyone knows what this is, I'd appreciate any input.   All I know it was expensive, and my friend has since passed away.
Please email with questions.  Winner to make payment within 48hrs. through PayPal.

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