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I have a full thickness quality f/7.? super planetary telescope mirror. This mirror gives high magnification of the planets with low powered eyepieces. With a parks Gold 15 the rings of Saturn and all seen, AB and C. It was made to view the planets and is very powerful and sharp. The planets look very detailed with this F-7.5 Mirror. It appears to be a very good mirror, but not sure what major manufacturer made it. The images are definitely sharp and bright. When you can magnify license plates down the street at 720 power, with clarity, you have a winner here.. This mirror magnifies very high and keeps sharpness. Mirrors of this quality sell for 1800 new, and have a waiting time usually of about one year before you get it. You can get this one right away for that special PROJECT. MIRROR HAS SLIGHT SCRATCH, 1/4, NEAR center, hard to see. CONTUS bidding only, no overseas or out of CONTUS bidding. This is a very sharp telescope mirror if you want to look at Saturn at 720X on nights of good seeing, really sharp images. 

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