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Described in Sync...Details above !!
                  ! Out Of Business !

Nice RARE Flint lens glass..Maker::A.Jaegers Co.('The Glass House').Lynbrook, Ny..
Glass Crown can be found in an array of Surplus Companies, In the States!(Outside of States---More expensive)!!
The glass I have had for 20+ years is a bit scratched on the rear side, surface..Front side is rather 'Clear' of scratches, tho there is a small(Tiny) edge chip(nearly invisible)and back side also has a few SMALL edge chips..These can be lightly edge seamed, but better just not too mess with them, a-tall.
If tho you want a 'Pristine' lens (You can super-fine grind the 'lens' back- side, and polish it CLEAN..Again-e !
TIP here:: This glass(made a long time ago, `used` `olden` days` lens` --glass...The glass contains a large amount of Lead in it's making Process.And has become slightly Illegal..Discontinued!!.
To Coat this lens(very simple too do), Just follow these instructions--and I guarantee you get a fine, beautifully coated Lens(Flint)..
At a Favorite Chemistry Supply Shop..1)Purchase a small(Smallest amount of Nitric Acid.,Not delute!!)Likely, tho a Pint(and that is a Lot here)--2) a small eye-dropper(plastic is ok)..A non-metal Pan (for the lens to seat in), Ceramic or Plastic, and a Gallon of Distilled Water....NOW:
In a seperate 'JUG' poor in 8 oz. of distilled water and add a eyedropper full of Nitric Acid, and stir well....
NOTE::Clean the Flint Lens well before following the Above math..             I recommend some toilet tissue and alcohol, and rinse in Distilled water!

 Then follow the above..(Actually you are going too leave the Flint lens in the Water Bath(Water & nitric acid eye drops) Until you see in the water; the lens take on a `light too deep` Blue/Violet ~~It is now Anti-Reflective Coated, ( an Old Amateur Trick In the book)..Don't wait..When you like the color you choose(Liken too a deep Blueish),Simply remove the lens,by its edges,from the water chemisry (and,NOTE: be sure too use rubber Gloves--or, you'll find your fingers stained)..   And Rinse the lens with Distilled water and let it dry in the air..inside a garage or house..
Actually Coating in those days, used too be Exciting & Fun..Plus saved time and money too have to send it off too Pancro, Enterprise optics..too have it coated(Today's, like, yikes "Hundreds of Dollars"..
PS: The acid coating is 'Not A Multi-Coating' but is a single coating that really brings down the Reflections'~~1.5% or better !

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