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12g 2.4"
Black tektite indochinite powerful meteorite natural rough rare


Stone Type :  Indochinite Tektite

Weight :  12Grams

Size : 2.4"

Quantity :  1

Color :  Natural Black

Origin :  Kalasin , Thailand

The source of the meteorites Northeast
Thailand Age: Approx. 700,000 years Condition: 100% natural starch without any
processing. All in addition to cleaning. Detail of the product is a meteorite
from the outside world. There are many names and sources such as glass, glass,
rice, cactus, lime, lichen or mysterious stone. And aliens. Tektite is derived
from the word Tektos in Greek, which means that it melts the type of meteorite.
Up with the area found. If it is a house, we will call it Indochinite
Tektite or Thailandite
Tektite will be black type, but when exposed
to the light in the thin. The solid color can not be seen. The color is
yellowish to green, and each piece has unique beauty. And another kind of star
is very famous because it is rare. Moldavite is a green-shrouded meteorite in
Czechoslovakia, falling to about 14.7 million. The chemical composition of
meteorite is silica glass, 68-80% alumina, 10-16% iron oxide. Calcium, sodium,
potassium, and other elements. The properties of the meteorite is known as a
lucky stone to the people with it. It can also. Use it to protect your black
magic. Ghosts do not interfere with it. The object of the phenomenon. Energy is
huge. It may be called as active. When it comes to the correct process. Thus it
can dissipate negative energy. The bad thing is that it is black. So it can Attract
great power, and also promote (give) positive energy to other objects to be
more powerful as well. It is a superior object to any other object in the
world. The good news for the occupants. It also promotes a prosperous life.
Enhance the charm to encourage others respect. Call it bad back. I can say that
as a source of power. Promote awareness Accurate recognition. Insightful if
used when practicing meditation. To carry with you will increase the power
around the aura. Make a strong aura, protect, and evict the invaders. Eliminate
bad things. It is believed that the collection of stardust in the home. Will
help prevent fire. And disaster in some texts said. If you worship with black
and black rice. The power is very good and very high.

Satienshop : We offer black indochinite meteorite tektite Can
be taken to protect the protection against bad things. Have a great time. Or
will be collected.

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