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Meade LX200 GPS, with Autostar II Goto system Telescope, in original box/foam, with Giant Field Tripod, Meade 4000 eyepiece lens set, and Meade 5000 Ultra Wide View set, along with A/C power cord adaptor, and additional accessories included.  This telescope sets up easily and tracks perfectly!  The glass and mirrors are flawless, with original covers.  Telescope accessories are in a very nice Pelican case, and eyepiece sets are in nice metal cases.  The telescope has the electronic micro focus attachment and 2 inch diagonal mirror adaptor as well.

I'm including my Meade 5000 eyepiece set w/30mm, 18mm, 6.7mm Ultra Wide Angle lenses and 2x Tele Xtender!  This lens set was around $800 by itself.

The telescope and accessories are stored in doors and are in near new condition.  I will send additional photos upon request.  In my opinion, this is the largest Meade telescope that is still portable.  Suitable for an astronomy class or a serious astronomer, who wants the best.  I have owned multiple Meade telescopes, eventually upgrading to the 14 inch; this telescope's gears are the best I've ever seen!  Tracks/slews perfectly.

With all of the accessories (lens sets, filters, cords, adaptors, etc) I'm into this for at least 10K.  My teenage boys just are not interested in my hobbies anymore, so my wife is forcing me to sell off some of my favorite toys!  I would be willing to set this up and demonstrate it's capabilities to any serious buyer.  I really don't want to ship this off, so local pick-up only.  Or, possibly a neutral location to meet up, after the transaction is final.  Any serious offer will be considered; but, no scams please!  I will not ship to some foreign country, no matter what extra money I'm offered. 

This is about 250 pounds of telescope, super tripod, cases, and accessories, in multiple containers; so I suggest local pick up, but the buyer may arrange for shipping with a freight service if preferred.  I have had questions about shipping it out of the country; Originally I would not even consider this.  However, if you would like to contact a freight company and send me the details, I would consider this option.  I've just had bad experiences in the past with scam attempts; I guess I'm a little old fashioned that way and need to adapt.  If you are looking to upgrade your telescope setup, or just jump into the high end equipment in astronomy and astrophotography, this is the telescope and lenses you need.  For astrophotography, this is one of the ultimate telescopes (get a super wedge, a nice laptop computer, possibly an auto guider as well, and a nice camera - you will be able to take some of the most awe inspiring astronomy photographs imaginable!).  This telescope, with it's superb tracking/gears and GOTO technology will set you apart from others.

Like I mentioned, if you would like to contact me, I could video chat or FaceTime with you, to demonstrate the set up process and go over every inch of this telescope, lenses, and all of the accessories.

I've dropped the price a bit, so I'm taking a huge loss on my investment.  I'm already having remorse about even thinking of parting with it!

Good luck and enjoy!

Product Information and specifications from the retail sites:

This 14" LX200 GPS has 14” diameter f/10 optics (focal length 3556mm) and Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTC) for maximum image brightness and contrast. Features the advanced LX200 AutoStar II computer system with 145,000 object library, multiple guided tours, High Precision Pointing capability with sub arc-minute pointing accuracy, and Meade SmartDrive with Permanent Periodic Error Correction.

Precise and quick star alignment is done near effortlessly with Meade's level north technology alignment system incorporating a 16 channel GPS receiver. The Autostar II is flash-updatable via free downloads at The drive base of the telescope has multiple input and output ports including an RS-232 PC interface and jacks.

Mechanically loaded as well all LX200 models feature a primary mirror locking mechanism, which effectively prevents movement of the primary mirror during long exposure astrophotography or observing. Turn the lock knob located just above the telescopes main focus knob and the progressive-tension primary lock completely cancels any residual image shift due to mirror movement during visual, photographic, or imaging applications.

All LX200 GPS models feature the DC-servo driven super heavy duty double fork mount, the strongest and most rigid mount in its class. Fast slew speeds are from 1 to 8 degrees per second, and can be user selected at .1 degree per second increments, while fine slewing and photographic guiding speeds can be adjusted from .01x to 1x sidereal in one one-hundredth increments. The mount and all electronics are internally powered by 8 (user supplied) C-cell batteries which will typically operate the telescope for around 20 hours (Meade A/C adaptor included!). The mount additionally has mechanical locks and slow motion manual controls in both axis if for some reason you found yourself without power.

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