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Pair of very large 16.5" ID rotating rings for a very, very large Newt. These came off an old 12.5" f6 Newtonian OTA we weren't able to sell whole so we're parting it out.

It has been suggested these rings might be older Parallax. We emailed Parallax with a photo of the rings but got no reply.

Cosmetically there is some paint loss, light age and storage wear, see the photos. First photo is of one side of each ring, second photo is the other side. Each ring weighs 11lbs 6oz so you're adding nearly 23lbs to your OTA and mount exclusive of a dovetail plate.

They seem to rotate fine, looks like there is micro adjustment for each ball bearing and the movement is relatively smooth though some of the bearings need adjustment. Secondary ring next to the track ring has threaded holes for your attachment bolts to go into the tube and capped by nuts. Width of the ring surface that touches the tube is 1-7/8".

We also have a plain flat plate (not a dovetail) that the buyer of the rings is welcome to that can go between the rings for stability, measures 23-3/4" x 4" x 3/8" (last photo), weighs 3lbs 7oz. There are threaded holes on 3-1/2" centers on the mounting bosses of the rings that match the holes in this plate as well as the Losmandy dovetail plate. If you want it the shipping will be higher by a few bucks, which we will ask you to pay separately as it will be messy to add it to initial purchase or if you ask us before purchasing we can add the extra weight to the Ebay shipping calculator.  

Parallax currently doesn't list any rotating rings larger than 15" on their website (though they say they can build any size needed), and those are $900. Non-rotating Parallax rings this size are $449.
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