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18.5 inch (470mm) 3.5 inch thick ZERODUR High Precision Spherical Mirror

An 18.5 inch diameter ZERODUR mirror in a metal cell. The actual mirrored surface diameter is slightly over 18 inch (~460mm), since the edge of the mirror blank is chamfered. The mirror is thick - (edge) thickness is 3.5 inch (88.9 mm).

This is a concave spherical mirror, the radius of curvature (NOT the focal length - that is half of this radius for paraxial rays) is 24.5 inch (622.3 mm) (I verified it with a laser retroflection test, checks to within ~1mm).

This mirror is made of zero-thermal-expansion glass-ceramic (Schott ZERODUR), and was made by Perkin-Elmer (the company which made the Hubble Space Telescope mirror).

According to the previous owner, it was made for a very expensive photolithography system for making VLSI chips, and was fabricated as a vey high grade optic (for “Offner relay”-like arrangement) to attain maximum contrast and resolution in projecting the IC mask onto silicon wafer, with typically better than lambda/40 accurate mirror surface figure and also very smooth, ripple free polish to get the best attainable contrast of projected IC features. While I can not confirm those claims, the material and thickness of the mirror and the overall high quality look of the mounting hardware, and seemingly vertical intended mounting position seem to support that purpose and quality claim (but again, it is merely an observation and speculation on my part, not a guarantee).

I guess one could build, for example, a great Baker-Nunn - like  or a Baker Super-Schmidt - like super-fast wide-field astro camera based on this mirror - check e.g. for inspirations, and e.g. concept for redesigning a Baker-Nunn camera for CCD imaging (make it a flat-field camera). Perhaps, when paired with a right software, such a camera based on this mirror could make an ultimate amateur automated comet hunter.

The mirror is, to the naked eye, in excellent condition. The mirror surface has no visible stains, chips nor scratches. It is also reasonably clean, with some dust particles visible under strong light - I did not attempt to remove any dust particles or clean the mirror in any way - I shall leave this to the buyer if he/she is compelled to do so..

The cell seems to be in a good condition, with some rust-colored spots (which look superficial, not deep rust - I did not attempt to clean them, but I suspect a little rubbing with fine steel wool would do the trick.)

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