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1978 Questar 3.5" Standard Telescope Broad Band Coatings

The Questar
Standard 3.5" has long been regarded as the finest personal telescope in the
world. In addition to the telescope's legendary resolution, flatness of field
and contrast, the Standard has integrated features that are unavailable with
other telescopes. The control box has two (2) viewing ports with flick knob
selection. It provides two power changes per eyepiece, an internal finder and
two telescopic powers. Included also are a star-diagonal prism, off-axis glass solar filter, and focusable eyepiece diopter. The
barrel rotates for viewing height adjustment and is silk-screened with a
functional Moon Map. The removable dewcap is a Star Chart.

The equatorial fork mount is brushed cast aluminum, aircraft
polyurethane painted, with friction drive alt-azimuth controls. It includes an
AC powered synchronous clock drive motor and declination clamp. The setting
circle for Right Ascension and Declination is fully functional. The RA circle is
universal for northern and southern hemispheres.

The Questar stores in a carrying case that has pockets for the
included tabletop legs, extra eyepiece, solar filter and AC adapter cord.
A Leather Case, Two eyepieces, Off-Axis Solar Filter, A/C Power Cord, Three Legs for a tri-pod are included.
Note that this telescope has the broad band coatings, a special extra not on all Questars and is a much desired feature.
Serial #: 8-XXXX-BB


TYPE: Maksutov Cassegrain Catadioptric. No coma,
astigmatism or spherical aberrations.

CLEAR APERTURE: 3.5 inches, 89mm (Center Obscuration,

FOCAL LENGTH: Basic Visual 50.5 inches, f/14.4, 1300mm

FINDER LENS: 4" Fl., 4x and 8x, Field 12° and 8°

POWERS: Powers are eyepiece dependent and can range from 40x to
270x with Questar Brandon eyepieces

POWERS LIMIT: Resolves 1 sec. Arc at 50feet EFL

FIELD OF VIEW:  Visual field of view
1.1° to 0.16°

LENS: BK7, MgFl2 coated, passes UV to 3300 A, IR to 1 micron,

MIRROR: Quartz. AlSiO coated 3.800"

SPECIAL COATINGS: Broad-band dielectric
coating applied to the mirror, which increases its reflectivity.

To both sides of front lens, a very low reflection coating is
then applied which reduces the light loss at

each surface to less than 1/10 of 1%. It transmits all
frequencies of the visible spectrum and improves

total light grasp by approximately 22%

This is a "what you see is what you get" sale. Returns are not accepted. You will get exactly what you see in the images and everything works as it should. If you don't know what you are buying, don't buy it. This is a beautiful piece of equipment and the Rolls Royce of telescopes. This would make an awesome Christmas gift for anyone interested in Astronomy. If you want to make this telescope pretty much "like new" you can send it to Questar and for $500 they will completely disassemble, polish and clean, align and test the telescope and send it back, or you can just enjoy it as is. Thanks for looking.

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