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Product Bief:

  • ThisTTX650 Tyrant Gold Series electronic eyepiece is a new generation of dual- color black and white electronic eyepiece planetary camera, which enhance the USB transfer speed , makes the data transfer rate up to 39MByte / s, the frame rate at 1600X1200  up under 5FPS, close to the actual transmission speed USB2.0 limit. Through the introduction of new hardware and firmware architecture, TTX650 Tyrant gold cameras improve performance in the short exposure time. Use 1.25 inches eyepiece size shape design and is compatible with mainstream microscope interfaces, compact shape, weight 120 grams, very suitable for building portable devices as well as off-axis guide star guide star system. Positioning can be achieved using sea par focal eyepiece. Volume is small but has a powerful performance; enhanced thermal design allows the heat generated by the CCD chip can work quickly transmitted to the camera's metal casin.

Product Details:

  • CMOS Chip Type: Color CMOS image sensor
  • Video format: 24 bit RGB
  • Pixel: 2.0 Million
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Lens: 0.965"/1.25", Microscope/Astronomical Telescope
  • Frame rate: 1600X1200 / 1280X960 up to 15 frame/sec
  • Automatic white background balance
  • Automatic color compensate
  • Dynamic image
  • Color: Golden,Black
  • Net Weight: 120g
  • System Requirements:
  • IBM PC or compatible PC or laptop with USB port
  • Pentium 200 or higher CPU
  • Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/WIN7/WIN8/WIN8.1/WIN10operation system
  • CD-Rom Drive in case computer is not equipped with software
  • 32MB or higher memory
  • Support DirectX VGA card

High-speed mode:

  • 1600X1200   YUY2@5FPS MJPG@15FPS
  • 1280X960   YUY2@9FPS MJPG@15FPS
  • 800X600       YUY2@20FPS MJPG@30FPS
  • 640X480       YUY2@30FPS MJPG@30FPS
  • 352X288       YUY2@30FPS MJPG@30FPS
  • 320X240       YUY2@30FPS MJPG@30FPS
  • 176X144       YUY2@30FPS MJPG@30FPS
  • 160X120       YUY2@30FPS MJPG@30FPS

Camera mode:

  • 1600X1200   YUY2@5FPS 
  • 1600X1000   YUY2@5FPS
  • 1280X960   YUY2@9FPS 
  • 1280X720   YUY2@9FPS
  • 800X600     YUY2@20FPS 
  • 640X480     YUY2@30FPS 
  • 352X288     YUY2@30FPS
  • 320X240      YUY2@30FPS
  • 176X144      YUY2@30FPS 
  • 160X120      YUY2@30FPS

High-speed mode and Camera mode can be interchanged



Package Included:

  • 1 x USB Electronic Eyepiece
  • 1 x USB Cable


5MP stands for 5 megapixels, and GOLD stands for the color of the camera.



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