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This is a custom made fully functional miniature Maksutov Cassegrain telescope on a custom machined 2-axis equatorial mount.  Ultra-miniature collectors item.
Some parts are 3D printed (saddle and pedestal legs), otherwise all precision machined metal done by a retired master telescope builder with 50 years experience offering telescopes 10-20 times bigger for science.
This is a basic telescope with functioning 2 axis manual slow motions. These can be upgraded to be both motorized. The basis for this is the "Astro Works Mikromount 1". There is a great video of one on YouTube that has optional motors (not included in price) moving a telescope.
Comes with 4 custom interchangeable miniature glass eyepieces of .6" diameter and with a small fitted wooden case. Telescope tube is fixed to mount.   Dec counterweights can be repositioned for exact RA balance. Axles are 1/4" diameter precision ground steel.
The optics are first rate with a miniature .6" star diagonal. Collimation is fixed. Focusing is by precise primary mirror motion by a small knurled brass adjusting knob. The main tube is machined aluminum 2 3/8" diameter x 4 1/2" length with ultra flat blackened interior. Outside is machined aluminum finish.
There is a 1/4" threaded tripod mounting hole in the metal pedestal base for use with any standard photo tripod. The brass worm gear is a miniature 100 tooth in an adjustable clutch just like a quality full size telescope. The worm is supported by 2 ball bearings and has an adjustable spring preload to minimize any perceived backlash. The declination slow motion has tangent arm driven by very fine threaded rod with knurled brass knobs. There is a clamp to lock the drive and also the dec axle clutch tension. Fasteners range from tiny 1-72 to 4-40 screw size.
The mount pedestal legs have adjustable leveling screws. You will find miniature investment casting bronze pipe fittings are used per a full size instrument. To scale this would be a 24" telescope weighing 3000 lbs. Mass goes as the cube of the scale or 12 x 12 x 12 x 1.75 lbs.
The photos that say ACTUAL are of this exact telescope offered.  Other photos are for information purposes.  The optics for this was removed from a Celestron C50 and was very tricky since the Celestron OTA is glued shut on assembly in China.  These have been long since out of production.Note that in one image the Celestron eyepiece is almost as large as my finished miniature version of the entire tube assembly!
While this will show sharp images, keep in mind that it is primarily a scale model.  I find the 61X Kellner to be maximum useful magnification.  The internal baffling is well designed and executed.  Primary mirror focus has minimal backlash or image shift.  The miniature star diagonal can be both rotated or removed. 
I will be very happy to answer all questions about this remarkable offering. Please note that this model photographs much larger than it actually is in person.  The 1/12 scale person is not included.

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