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is a very popular focal length / Low-Power eyepiece that I make as a
budget eyepiece using the same lenses that are found in eyepieces with
the smaller diameter 1.25" barrels. The original eyepieces use the
larger diameter lenses, but the manufacturers placed them above the
smaller 1.25" barrel because the 1.25" is a more popular size. The
smaller 1.25" barrel chokes the afov down so much ( below 40 degrees )
that they simply don't perform as well as using the same lenses in a 2
inch barrel.

Russell Optics puts them
into a 2 inch housing to make this budget 32mm Wide-Field Plossl  with 
20mm eye relief and is threaded for standard 2 inch filters.  The lenses
are coated with anti-reflective material to reduce
glare and stray light, but at the same time allowing as much light
through as possible. This yields a brighter image in smaller telescope (
up to 8 inch diameter ).   When the lenses are in the
larger housing and 2 inch barrel it opens up the afov drastically to 60
degrees afov making it a much better performer. This is by far the
least expensive way to build a low-power, budget-minded 2 inch eyepiece
using all new components. These make great star-party eyepieces, and a
great gift idea for that budding astronomer on a budget.

note.....on Telescopes with a central obstruction ( Like SCT's,
Maksutov's, or Newtonians ) a basic rule of thumb is to keep the
magnification above about 35x. Once you go below 35x you stand a chance
of losing contrast. If your obstruction is larger than 25% of the
primary you could also get a "ghost" image of that secondary mirror.

you have any questions or concerns I will gladly help you make the
correct choice for your particular choice. Since Ebay no longer allows
phone numbers or addresses in the ads ( I have NO idea how all the
others are getting away with it ) You can get a hold of me at Russell
Optics & Machine in Arizona , or try clicking the blue & red
"ME" link next to our feedback.

S&H in the 48 states is $6.88 for US Mail. Outlying areas $7.50.*** FREE SHIPPING for a limited time !

I ship ONLY within the USA, No foreign bids , PLEASE !!

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