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    2 Inch 5 Bit Manual Filter Wheel For Deep Space Planetary Monocular Telescope       Features:-this 2 inch filter wheel allows you to use up to 5 different filters and change them in a few seconds. if for astrophotography or visual observation the filters are always ready for use.-use the wheel filter with UHC, OII, CLS and other filters , for example - which allows you to quickly and easily find the best filter when visually observing - imagine you have a camera mounted on the telescope and have to switch between the different filters as quickly as possible, -this is only possible using a wheel filter. wheel offers you incredibly fast switching between up to 5 different filters.-Each position of the filter is designated by a certain number, which lets you know what filter is currently in the beam path.Open the wheel filter and screw up to 5 different filters in it, these can be RGB and luminance filters for astrophotography or wide-band and narrow-band filters for visual observes, you can also leave the filters mo located in the wheel filter, as they are optimally protected from dust and damage there.

Package Contents:1 x Filter Wheel

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