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is the most popular long focal length /
Low-Power eyepiece we ever made in 2 inch ??? The 50mm 2 inch
Super-Plossl XL eyepiece is a superb Low-Power eyepiece with fantastic edge
to edge sharpness and contrast !

were originally designed for use on large Observatory Scopes for
Old-School visual viewing along along with large Refractors, and became a favorite among people that owned the famous C-8 as well as other larger SCT scopes . So many people only use cameras and CCD chips
they spend all their time looking at monitors rather than through the
eyepiece like it has been done for centuries. If you want to look at
hi-res pictures, buy a Hubble DVD, if you want to get the full effect,
LOOK through the eyepiece !!

 This is an AWESOME  Super-Plossl design eyepiece that will absolutely amaze you with ULTRA-sharpness  and superb contrast and performance at a fraction of what you would expect to pay, And HUGE lenses with Long-eye-relief.

Power Astro-Scanning is one of the most impressive and enjoyable things
you can do, and viewing from 35x to 55x with a wide-field Plossl it is
like looking at millions of diamonds lying on a bed of black velvet
cloth ! If you have any questions about this or any Russell Optics
custom products I am available to talk afternoons and evenings at

Russell Optics makes this 2
inch ,  50mm Super-Plossl  with the higher quality, low-dispersion XL lenses ,
Super-Long  25 + mm eye relief and is threaded for standard 2 inch
filters. These have long eye relief and should only be used in Refractors
or large Telescopes that can handle the extra low power they offer.

your scope has a central obstruction , IE: secondary mirror, it is very
important that you do not go below about 35x magnification if the
obstruction is 20% ( so say about 2900+mm f/l ) or less, and we suggest
that you do not go below 45x magnification if the obstruction is 25%(
about 3800+mm f/l). If this rule is not considered there could be a loss
of contrast and even a "ghosting" of the secondary obstruction.

that have no central obstruction are not limited by this at all. A
refractor can go as low as 4x magnification with no appreciable loss
other than maybe the larger exit pupil.

Russell Optics is Now the ONLY manufacturer that we know of that makes the Long focal length eyepieces anymore !!

you ask ?? It is simple really.... The demand from astronomers that
want eyepieces over 40mm in focal length is not as big of a market place
for the "Big-Guys" to invest their time and money.

here at Russell Optics however want to serve the astronomers that still
wants the low-power, super-flat FOV even if it means making an eyepiece
that only a few dedicated people still wish for !

you have any questions or concerns I will gladly help you make the
correct choice for your particular choice. See contact e-mail below.

Beautiful fully-multi-coated lenses  yield superb contrast and excellent sharpness and detail. There
is really NO OTHER manufacturer that offers this  masterpiece, but *if
they ever did, the cost would be  3 to 4 time our price !!!

We have a limited supply of the "XL"
lenses that may not last out 2020, so now is the time to buy if you
ever wanted one of these ultra-low-power eyepieces.

S&H is $7.88 each. USPS has raised their rates several times in the past few months and small packages 1~2 pounds seem to be their target. My cost on shipping has almost doubled in the past year.

I ship ONLY within the USA, No foreign bids , PLEASE !!

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