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These plastic reflector telescope mirror cells are designed for an 800mm FL x 90mm Reflector Telescopes and have been used .

Mirrors need some cleaning and have some slights scratches from use. For those of you in the know, minor signs of use  should not affect the views if you plan to build your own.

Set includes 90mm Spherical Primary Mirror + Cell & 31mmX22mm Secondary Mirror + Cell + hardware to bold to your own tube(OTA-Optical Tube Assembly)

OD (Outer Diameter) of Cell: Approximately 122mm

ID (Inner Diameter) of Cell: Approximately 118mm

Collimation Dot

Diffraction limited optics (1/4 wve in Sodium Light)

Plate Glass (Both Primary & Secondary)

Aluminized (92%) and SiO(Quartz Overcoat)

 Heavy Duty Push/Pull Collimation Screws on back of Primary Cell

4 Vane Spider Cell for Secondary (31mm X 22mm)

Secondary average obstruction: 25% (linear) app 6% total area.

Resolving power in arc seconds: 1.4

Paint color on cell may vary --may be like photo(Charcoal) or maybe Gray or Black..but very similar

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