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Brand new just figured 20" reflector telescope primary mirror. Thickness is 37mm, physical diameter 20-1/16", making for a relatively lightweight optic for its light gathering ability.
Focal length is 71.5" or F/3.57 This is ideal for a large visual Dobsonian, the moderately fast F/ratio allows for a compact scope to be built around it, and not requiring ladders to reach the eyepiece. For imaging, compare this to the Planewave CDK20 OTA at $32,000. This mirror has 3.6 times the photographic speed, and when fitted with a tunable Paracorr-2, will provide equivalent wide-field performance for a fraction of the cost.
As the Ronchigram shows, this mirror has an outstanding figure - well corrected, smooth, free of zoning or astigmatism. Star test is close to perfect, 1/10 wave P-V or better!
The mirror is as yet uncoated, and I can ship it directly to an aluminizing facility of your choice. Coating costs and shipping are responsibility of the buyer.
Extra international shipping charges to be paid by buyer.

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