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24.5mm to 31.7mm Telescope Eyepiece Adapter + 0.965" Nebula Moon Filter #58


This adapter allows the use of 1.25" eyepieces with telescopes that normally require 0.965" eyepieces.
Fits all types and brands of telescopes with a 0.965" focuser.
Filter thread in the 0.965 diameter side for reduced internal reflection.
Requires additional back focus.
Type: 0.965" to 1.25" mount adapter + 0.965" nebula filter for telescope eyepiece.


Adapter Info:
Model: 0.965" to 1.25" Mount Adapter
Material: Metal
Color: Black
Quantity:1 Piece
Filter Info:
Caliber:0.965 inch (24.5mm)
Frame Material:Aluminum Alloy
Color:Green Filter (#58
Quantity:1 Piece

Package Includes:

1 Piece 0.965inch to 1.25inch Mount Adapter
1 Piece 0.965inch Nebula Filter



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