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Paraboloidal primary mirror diameter of 28 inches (Outer circle716 mm)the focal length of 2930 mm, I personally ground, polish, hand figure, no vacuum aluminum plated with . 266 times the perfect imaging?Star test on August 31, 2019 ?. Quartz Glass , edge thickness 25 mm, weight 18 kg. Coefficient of expansion approximately equal0,weight=18KG(Quartz Glass 2.22g/cm3,Is the lightest glass),Quartz Glass,Melting point =boiling point=Cloud and mist,Surface bubble wear area<1%the measure Of area, <0.004 Magnitude.I will cover the shipping .Packing EPE model with carton,Ensure that no danger of anything going wrong.Delivery only primary mirror.
Ronchi grating 4 lines per millimeter.

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