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3piece Mini optical glass RGB x-cube prism for Physics teach 

Decoration Art




A dichroic prism is a prism that splits light into two beams of differing wavelength (colour). 


A drichroic prism assembly combines two dichroic prisms to split an image into 3 colours, typically as red, green and blue of the RGB colour model. 


They are usually constructed of one or more glass prisms with dichroic optical coatings that selectively reflect or transmit light depending on the light's wavelength. That is, certain surfaces within the prism act as dichroic filters. These are used as beam splitters in many optical instruments




Minimal light absorption, most of the light is directed to one of the output beams.

Better color separation than with most other filters.

Easy to fabricate for any combination of pass bands.

Does not require color interpolation (demosaicing) and thus avoids all of the false color artifacts commonly seen in demosaiced images

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