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40Mm Extension Tube Metal Brass Compression Ring For 2-Inch Telescope Astro M9T1

Model Number: 2 inch Telescope Eyepiece Extender
Type: Monocular
Eyepiece Extender : for telescope
Just the thing when you need to add a little length to the light path on your telescope. It is well made of metal construction. It uses a brass compression ring to hold your eyepieces or accessories securely and help minimize any marking of your eyepiece nose. It is threaded for filters.
Adds 2 inch of extension, fits in 2 inch telescope focusers, and accepts 2 inch eyepieces or accessories
Extension tube provides extra focuser "back travel" often needed for short-range terrestrial viewing through a telescope, or for astrophotography applications
to secure any inserted astronomy accessory
Threaded for use with 2 inch eyepiece and astrophotography filters
Baffles is machine-threaded and anti-reflection painting process to reduce internal reflections
size:Tube length: 40mm
Package Contents:
1*2-2 Extension 40cm Extension Cylinder

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