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Up for bid is an 8-24mm zoom eyepiece, 1.25", with plastic case. The only markings are pictured. I suspect it was manufactured in China. I did find the PayPal info for payment which showed the listing title as "Super Zoom 1.25" Telescope Eyepiece 8-24 mm Plossl lens". Used maybe a dozen times, in excellent condition. What you see
is what you get. Please ask questions before bidding. Thanks for looking and happy bidding!

Payment policy: I appreciate all the excellent buyers that have come my way over the
years. However, lately it seems like there are an abundance of people that believe that are entitled to pay if and when they get around to it. Due to too many buyers expecting "layaway terms", payment when they acquire the funds or payment after they sell their item(s) or get their paycheck next Friday, I've had to publish payment expectations. Therefore, "I expect payment within 48 hours. If no payment has been received within 2 days, an unpaid item case will be opened automatically."

I work hard to get all my items out within 24 hours of payment. Depending on when an item is purchased and it's size, it may go out the same day if it fits in the mail box.

Shipping costs:
Recently I've noticed that in my detailed seller ratings, buyers are down-rating me on shipping costs.  Shipping costs continue to go up and 2018 is no different; for most services it was another 4-5% increase this year. Certain weights in First Class Package went up by 20% In the past 5 years, the cost to ship a small, lightweight item First Class Package has gone up as much as 25-60%!  ebay and paypal also get a larger bite because their fees are a percentage of the item price AND shipping cost. 
also had people complain that I don't offer free shipping, although
many of them are only buyers of items and not sellers. LOL! It may be
"free shipping" for you, but guess what; I had to pay for it. So for
example if I sell a $5 item with free shipping - presuming an 8oz package that is shipped First Class package - shipping now eats 64% of the $5, ebay and paypal another 19% in fees. So at best, not counting my printing, packaging, possible transportation time & cost to/from the post office and the time to photograph, list and properly package an item, I may see a whopping $.88 net on my sale. I'm not a business, just a small ebay seller that is cleaning out the extra stuff in the house so I'm not using the make a profit on
volume model for sales.

Best offer: My idea of best offer is "best reasonable offer", or within 20% of the asking price, not pennies on the dollar as is most common. I spend significant time checking
out prices on ebay and elsewhere to determine the price range for an item. Sometimes I miss or there is a sudden price collapse due to 50 sellers deciding to put the same or a similar item out at the same time. Regardless, that's where I'm coming from on best offer.

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