Positioned in northeast of Ancient Chengxiangnorthern to Fuyou Roadeastern to Anren StreetYu Yuan Back garden is connected with Towns The lord Templem.It is the only garden of Ming Dynasty.
From the 400 years of it is existence Yuyuan Garden experienced taken great modifications. During the late Ming Dynasty it became quite dilapidated with the decline involving Pans family. In 1760 a number of rich merchants ordered Yuyuan Garden and put in more than 20 years rebuilding the buildings. Throughout the Opium War of the 19th century Yuyuan Garden was seriously damaged. The Yuyuan Garden you see today is the result of a five year restoration project that began in 1956. The garden was started out to the public throughout September 1961.
The actual treasure of Yuyuan Backyard is the Exquisite Jade massage beds Rock. Located around from Yuhua Hall it can be one of the three famous rocks in the lower region of the Yangtze River. The other two are Duanyun Feng in Suzhou and Zhouyun Feng with Hangzhou. The rock is 3.3 meters about 10.8 feet in height and contains 72 holes. What exactly is interesting about this steel is that if you burn a joss stick just below the rock the particular smoke will amazingly float out from the many holes. A small hole in the wing of a space shuttle Similarly if you pour water in the rock from best the water will move out from each ditch creating a spectacular picture to see. Pan Yunduan was very fond of the Exquisite Jade Rock and roll and he built Yuhua Lounge facing the good ole so it was useful to sit in the hallway and admire this. The furnishings in the corridor were made of top-of-the-line rosewood of the Ming Dynasty appearing both natural and also graceful.
The Intrinsic Garden was a different garden built in 1709 nevertheless is now a part of Yuyuan Lawn in the south. The Inner Garden is compact and beautiful and the rocks pavilions pretty ponds and flower walls offer many of the most attractive sceneries in Yuyuan Back garden.
Yuyuan Garden occupies a location of 20Thousand square meters about five acres.
Nevertheless the small size is not only a representative of the attractions of the garden. The pavilions halls rockeries ponds as well as cloisters all have unique characteristics. There are 6 main scenic locations in the garden- Sansui Lounge Wanhua Chamber Dianchun Hall Huijing Hall Yuhua Hall and the Inner Garden. Each location features several panoramic spots within the borders.
Address- 132 Anren RoadHuangpu District Shanghai China. Local zip code- 200010.
Traffic- To get here you may take the city bus line 11Twenty six6471One hundred forty five581715730736801926929932969980 to the bus section named Yuyuan. It is about Only two km from the in town of Shanghai to Yuyuan 246 kilometres from Hangzhou to Yuyuan 313 kilometer from Nanjing to Yuyuan.
Programs fee- 40 rmb to the peak season and 30 rmb for the slack season. Ten rmb for the students.ought to show a student Identification Free for the kids reduced than 1.Some meters. Free for that aged 70.
Opening several hours- 8-30-17-00.You simply wont be able to buy seats after 16-50
Best season to see Yuyuan- Any time.
What to purchase here- Yuyuan Cangshuhuace250 rmb Yuyuan Fengguanghuace280 rmb Yuyuan Cenyinpu230 rmb Yuyuan Fengguang CD25 rmb Shanghai XiaodaohuiqiyijieshaoOne particular rmb Yuyuan Intro6 rmb Wenyixingyou3 rmb Mingxinpian20 rmb Yuyuan Dianchunshuhuaji108 rmb Yuyuan Daoyoutu1.Five rmb Shanghai Wenwubowuguanzhi120 rmb Mingqingshanmianxuan300 rmb.
Shopping centers around Yuyuan Garden- Yuyuan Lvyoushangcheng Nineteen Wenchanglu Street Yuyuan Baihuogongsi 24 Wenchanglu Neighborhood Shanghai Lvyougouwushangcheng 239 Fuzuolu Street Kuaizidian 33 Yuyuanlaolu Street Xiaoshijiegouwushangsha 234 Fuzuolu Street Yuyuan Shangchenggongyipinggongsi 265 Fangbingzhonglu Street Yongqingjiafashangdian Fifteen Yuyuanxinlu Street.
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