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Achromatic Barlow Lens 31.7mm Metal for Telescope Eyepiece DC622

The 5x Barlow lens gives a big magnification boost to any 1.25'' eyepiece;it will help at least double the capacity of an existing set eyepieces at the cost of a single eyepiece
It`s super easy to use;you can simply insert eyepiece into the Barlow lens;then insert it into the scope 

If you need more power than your eyepieces alone can provide, we offer a new Achromatic 5x Barlow lens to give a big magnification boost to any 1.25" eyepiece it's used with.
This Barlow features an air-spaced, three-element, Apo design with fully multicoated optics. The housing is precision machined from aluminum stock and black anodized to a hard finish. The lens edges and inner barrel are blackened to provide maximum contrast. The Barlow body includes a safety undercut on the lower barrel and a brass compression ring so that your eyepiece barrels are not marred by the captive set screw. For those who need a very high quality Barlow for all-round use, the 5x Barlow is a very nice step up from the typical 2x achromatic Barlow commonly found on the market.

Barrel size:1.25"(31.7mm)
Magnification factor:5X
Material: Metal + Optical glass
Color: Black

Package Includes:

1 x Barlow Lens
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