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Newtonian reflectors perform at their best when primary and secondary
mirrors are accurately aligned. Such alignment, called collimation, is
critical for achieving a sharp, highly resolved view through the
telescope. Collimation, while intimidating at first glance, is really
not difficult to do. And it’s made all the easier with the Laser
This handy tool, designed specifically for collimating
the optics of Newtonian reflectors, provides a quick, easy way to a)
determine if one or both of your telescope’s mirrors need adjustment,
and b) make the necessary adjustment(s) quickly and easily.     

Before You Begin Collimating with the Laser Collimator:Accurate
collimation of your telescope’s optics using the Laser Collimator will
most easily be achieved if you do a rough collimation of the optics with
your eye first. This is because if the optics are grossly misaligned,
it may be confusing to interpret which surfaces the laser is being
reflected off of.

This laser collimator uses a low wattage laser to project a
red beam down through the telescope’s focuser. The beam reflects off the
secondary mirror to the primary mirror, then bounces back up to the
secondary mirror and exits through the focuser onto the angled,
bulls-eye viewing screen of the collimator itself. The beam is generally
not visible, but you’ll see a bright red dot on each reflected surface.
The Laser Collimator works equally well to collimate telescope optics
in daylight or at night in the dark. The Laser Collimator has been
precisely aligned within its housing at the factory.

Adjusting Secondary Mirror:

The first step in the collimation procedure is to check the
alignment of the secondary mirror and adjust it if necessary. Insert the
Laser Collimator into your telescope’s focuser drawtube and secure it
with the thumbscrew(s) on the drawtube collar. Then turn the collimator
on by turning the knob at the top to the On position.

Look down the
front of the optical tube. Remember to keep your eyes clear of any
direct reflections of the beam. Notice the red spot on the surface of
the primary mirror itself; this is the laser beam being reflected from
the secondary mirror off the surface of the primary mirror. The red spot
should be centered in the collimation target (ring) on the mirror. If
it isn’t, adjustments will need to be made to the secondary mirror’s
tilt. This is done with the secondary mirror collimation screws, usually
located on the central hub of the telescope’s spider vane assembly.
Make adjustments to the telescope’s secondary mirror collimation screws
until the reflection of the laser beam is centered in the collimation
target on the primary mirror. 

Adjusting the Primary Mirror: 
The final collimation step is to adjust the tilt angle of
the primary mirror. Orient the collimator in the focuser so that the
viewing screen is facing the rear of the telescope. While standing at
the rear of the telescope, look over at the bulls-eye viewing screen of
the collimator. You should see the red laser dot somewhere on the
viewing screen. If you don’t, then the collimation is grossly off. In
that case, place a piece of paper in front of the open tube and note the
position of the laser dot on the paper.

Make adjustments to the
primary mirror collimation screws to move the laser dot closer to the
center and eventually onto the collimator’s bulls-eye viewing screen.
Once the laser dot is on the viewing screen, you can perform the final
collimation. Adjust the primary mirror collimation knobs until the laser
dot hits the center hole of the bulls-eye screen and pretty much
disappears, except for some red “spray” around the periphery of the
You can make certainthe laser dot is properly aimed into the
hole by slightly adjusting one of the collimation knobs to bring the
laser dot out of the hole, then return it by turning the collimation
screw the other way.Collimation of the optical system is now complete!
Go out and enjoy the view!       

Care and Maintenance:

Your Laser Collimator is manufactured of the highest quality components. The internal laser
diode is precision aligned with the mechanical axis of the housing at
the factory and tested to meet stringent specifications. Like all
electronic equipment, the Laser Collimator should be
handled with
care. If it is dropped or handled roughly, the internal laser could
become misaligned. Avoid exposing the collimator to water, dust, heat,
or prolonged periods of direct sunlight. To extend battery life, store
the collimator in a cool, dry environment.       

Installing a New Battery:

The Laser Collimator is powered by a single CR2032 3V
lithium ion “button cell” battery. When the laser beam starts to dim or
completely fades, it’s time to replace the battery. To do so, unscrew
the knurled battery compartment cap at the top of the collimator. With a
knife tip or the end of a paper clip, lift the edge of the expired
battery out. Insert a fresh CR2032 battery with the positive (+) side
up. Then replace the cap. The CR2032 is a commonly used battery in
watches, calculators, cameras, and other electronic devices, so you’ll
be able to find one at most drug stores or online.   


  • Designed for Reflector telescope, with
    removable 2" adapter both fit for standard 1.25 inch diameter and 2 inch
    diameter. Red laser collimation beam with 7 brightness levels,
    wavelength 635-655 nm; Output power: less than 5mw, much safer for your
    eyes. This sturdy laser unit allows you to swiftly and precisely
    collimate your Newtonian telescope. Only when the optics have been
    accurately collimated can the telescope offer you its full performance.          
  • Built with metal material. CR2032 Lithium Cell
    battery (Not include) ; Accurate collimation in a few minutes provide a
    more clearer image. The telescope can be collimated by just one person.               
  • The precision-made aluminium housing of the
    laser unit has a front opening from which the laser beam can be emitted.
    In order to obtain an optimal adjustment, it has a side window allowing
    a disk oriented at 45° with a central hole to be viewed.This can be
    then later be used to see whether the laser is reflected back on itself,
    indicating well collimated optics.          
  • This adjustment tool can be used in all 1.25"
    focusers. We provide you with precise instructions in German and
    English, with a step-by-step explanation of how to adjust a Newtonian
    telescope using this laser unit. So, even if you are a newcomer to
    amateur astronomy, it is very simple to get the optimum performance out
    of your telescope.               
  • The laser comes fully adjusted. It can however
    be further adjusted if required. It has three openings for adjustment,
    arranged at 120°, which are initially sealed. The battery for the laser
    can be exchanged at any time; the small screw cap at the rear of the
    laser must be first unscrewed to allow this.   

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