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Antares 2" Twist Lock Eyepiece Adapter with 2.3" Extension # ET2-TL

Antares 2" Twist Lock Eyepiece Adapter with 2.3" Extension # ET2-TL

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Since the introduction of their innovative 2" to 1.25" Twist-Lock Eyepiece Adapter by Antares, astronomers have been clamoring for a 2" version of this best selling item. Well - it's finally here!

Forget about fumbling for thumbscrews in the dark. With this innovative 2" eyepiece adapter from Antares, just twist the lock ring and your 2" eyepiece, camera nosepiece, or laser collimator is centered precisely in your 2" focuser! Standard 2" adapters use a thumbscrew which pushes the inserted accessory to one side when tightened thus skewing collimation or optical performance; not so with this adapter.


  • Helical centering and compression mechanism
  • Knurled twist-lock ring
  • Works with smooth and recessed eyepiece barrels
  • Polypropylene compression ring will not mar your eyepieces
  • All metal construction (except for the compression ring)

Use of this adapter adds 2.29" (58mm) of extension to your 2" focuser. The total minimum length of this adapter is 3.51" (89.1mm) and this will increase by 2-5mm depending on where the knurled ring comes to a stop when it clamps on to the inserted accessory. Weight = 6oz. Made in Canada.

Please note:

  • This adapter is not threaded to accept standard 2" astronomy filters
  • When you first get the adapter, you may find that the inserted 2" eyepiece or accessory does not slide in fully and hits the upper edge of the compression band that may have compressed to an inner diameter of less than 2". This is easily remedied by unscrewing the upper knurled ring, removing the compression band, and stretching it a bit to increase its inner diameter.

Note: Occasionally, the product you receive might have a slightly different cosmetic appearance or labeling than what is shown. This can often change from batch to batch according to the whims of the manufacturer. However, you will always receive a brand new, original product as described above.

Copyright Notice: This description was developed by Agena AstroProducts. It was NOT provided by the supplier/manufacturer of this product. Please do not copy for personal or commercial use.

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