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Anti-vibration Vibration Damping Suppression Pads for Telescope Mounts - NEW

you are observing on a clear night, but your enjoyment is spoiled due to
the wind or traffic on a nearby roadway making the image in your telescope unsteady.
Small vibrations are being transmitted directly to the telescope and the resulting image. This does
not need to be a problem. These new anti-vibration suppression pads reduce
vibration, give a more stable base in grassy areas and provide you with a more steady image for an enjoyable night's observing.
Prevent vibrations:  Just take these anti-vibration
pads with you to every observing location. They are the perfect base, both
for hard soft surfaces. On soft surfaces, such as grass, the pads will prevent the tripod feet from both being dirty and from sinking into the
ground. Even when you carefully level your telescope first, it could sink into the soft ground. These anti-vibration pads will
help the instrument remain firm and level. Astrophotographers
or visual observers love a steady image: A stable image is a must for
successful exposures if you want to photograph the night sky. Suppose
your telescope is standing on a balcony or concrete terrace platform.
Every step you take is transmitted directly to the telescope and shakes the
image around. These flexible vibration-suppression pads help isolate the
telescope from such vibrations to give you a stable observable image.

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