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With our Binocular Viewer, you'll swear you are seeing in three dimensions!

Our Arcturus Brand Binoviewers are new from the same
plant in China that makes the same ones for other name brands such as
William Optics, Celestron, Stellarvue, & Orion.
Eyepieces shown in the photos are included!
The Arcturus brand however has several important features not presently found in the competition mentioned above:

1. Our binos come with 2 screw in barlows, one at 1.85x and one at 3.0x that replace the standard 1.25" barrel.

2. There are no setscrews used on these binoviewers.  The eyepieces are
held in place with self centering brass compression rings.  Brass will
stand up to the weather much better and the self centering design keeps
the eyepieces in good collimation with no off-axis bias.

The bottom line is always the price and you will look long and far to
find anything like this.  Our price is at least $50 less that any of the

    Binoviewers such as these do not require the use
of the barlows in order to come to focus with Schmidt cassegrains.  The
fact that we give you two barlows means that there is no need to
purchase any additional eyepieces in order to get a variety of 3D-Like


  Please also note that these binoviiewers have
built-in individual eyepiece diopter correction to adjust for your
particular vision.

The prisms are fully multicoated BAK-4
prisms. Every unit is tested for collimation prior to shipping and the
overall quality of this viewer is excellent. What distinguishes these
binoviewers from all the others is the use of self-centering eyepieces.
There are no setscrews that will push the eyepiece off center
collimation. Allow me to put it this way: due to the amount of glass the
use of a binoviewer for astronomical purposes has its limitations.
Having said that, however, the view of many, many objects in the night
sky is absolutely devastating with the 3D effect it gives you! I
personally use a binoviewer on a regular basis and I would hate to miss
the view. Spending $100-200 on a binoviewer system is a very worthwhile
investment. I am not so sure the same could be said of an investment
that runs over $1000!
Hope this info helps,

Jeff Norwood
Camera Concepts & Telescope Solutions

our Binocular Viewer, you'll swear you are seeing in three dimensions! *
Includes thread-on 2x Barlow lens so you can choose two levels of
magnification * Hinged aluminum housing contains fully multi-coated
BAK-4 prisms for high light transmission * Reflectors and short-focal
length refractors may require the short 1.8x  barlow lens in order to
achieve focus* Includes TWO barlow lenses (1.8x and 3x) and caps for
eyepiece holders and barrel.


 You were born with two eyes,
so why not use both of 'em when stargazing with a telescope? Now you
can, and you will be pleasantly surprised at what a difference it makes.
The effect is most pronounced on the planets and Moon, but even
deep-sky objects seem to have more clarity and depth. And now this
popular accessory comes with a thread-on 2x Barlow lens, so you can
choose two levels of magnification. The hinged aluminum housing contains
fully multi-coated BAK-4 prisms that provide high light transmission.
You can use almost any matching pair of 1.25" eyepieces. Individual
helical focusing collars ensure a sharp focus for each eye. The viewer's
1.25" nosepiece is threaded to accept filters. The Arcturus Binocular
Viewer for telescopes works with all types of telescopes. On reflectors
or short-focal-length refractors you may need to use the barlow lens to
accommodate the requirement for 4" of additional inward focus travel.
22mm of clear aperture.


Aperture22 mmIPD Max75 mm (2.95 in)IPD Min60 mm ( )PrismsBAK-4Optical CoatingsFully Multi-CoatedWeight (oz)18 oz (510 g)Product Dimensions

4.75" x 4.75" x 1.75"

Eye Relief:  22mm

Field of View:  48 degrees

Thread spec on the binoviewer body nosepiece side: 28.6mm

Here's are reviews from some of our very happy customers:


 "Hi Jeff, I've
been using your binoviewers the last month and they are AMAZING! Love
the clamping feature instead of the screws. I left a good review on your
website and have been spreading the word on cloudy nights almost every
day! These are amazing! By the way, would you
happen to know the exact mm size of the opening, I am trying to get an
adapter fixed specifically for these!  Thanks!!!Tom Stam" 

  "Hi Jeff: Better late than never!  My testimonial: I
purchased the Arcturus binoviewers back in July of this year, and I've
used them on at least six or seven occasions so far, mainly viewing
either the moon or Jupiter/Saturn. I could not be happier with the
quality of the optics as well as the construction. Jeff's customer
service was also top-notch, prompt and courteous. 

two Barlow lenses work very well, and the quality seems to be good. The
fixed power plossls that came with it are good quality and well suited
to the task. To my surprise, I was able to get the binoviewers to work
on my 8 inch Newtonian without any added accessories (i.e. star diagonal
or focal point extender). 

am a fairly experienced amateur astronomer, and I would highly
recommend these binoviewers to anyone looking for a unique view of the
closest objects in our solar system. I don't think you will be
disappointed. "

Sincere regards,


- Ken Wachs
  Merion Station, PA

The product shown is the exact item up for sale. Please email us any questions you may have concerning this listing.

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