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Buy a Brand New Astro-Smart 4 Channel Integrated Fork Arm SCT Dew Annihilator Meade MDA2 Family Controller rated at 480Watts(4 channels, 10Amps with 12VDC supply). Most
users of the LX200 GPS/R/ACF, LX600/RCX400 variations don't use, or
rely on the battery compartment to run their telescope. Astro-Smart's
unique approach offers the clean and efficient use of this space to
minimize loading and wire clustering and to provide a complete
replacement solution to the existing battery compartment and cover
currently offered for Meade 7"-14" LX200GPS/R/ACF, 8"-14" RCX400 ACF,
and 10"-14" LX600 telescopes. In addition, the scope can be brought back
to its original condition without alteration in the event you need to
send your scope back to the manufacturer or want to sell in the future
since you keep the original unmodified battery compartment lid.The Meade MDA2
Family Dew Annihilator can be used with Astro-Smart’s RCA jack type dew
straps or compatible RCA type dew straps such as Astro-Smart, Kendrick,

The Meade MDA2
Family Dew Annihilator is designed to be user friendly, serviceable,
elegant and reliable and include the following features shown below:
1.Worry Free Warranty Program For Life Of Product Sale.
2. 2 independent Controlled Dual Output
Port Totaling 4 Heat Channels 480W@(10Amps/Ch, 12VDC).Works with Any RCA
type heat strap as Astro-Smart, Kendrick, etc.
3. Variable Knob Dial Power Control PWM Duty Cycle 0-100% @ 50 KHz Power Intensity.
4. Over Current, Reverse Current and Over Voltage Protection.
5. PWM LED Flash Indicators Per Channel Heat Output Port. Power LED Indicator
High quality design employs multi-layer PCB form factor and only the
best quality components with conformal coatings for outdoor use.
7. Void of RFI(Radio Frequency Interference) protected to enhance Astro-Imaging .
8. Dimensions(4.9" L x 2.3" W x 1" H)(All Products with provided extra fork arm lid).

Each Meade MDA2 Family Dew Annihilator package contains:
1. Meade MDA2 Family Dew Controller
2. 12VDC Fused Cigarette Power Adapter Harness.

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