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As easy as flipping a switch, the Imaging Flip Mirror enables the astrophotographer to find, center, and focus a target object visually with a 1.25" telescope eyepiece, then photograph it with a Charged Coupled Device (CCD) camera. All without swapping out any equipment. It's a real time saver, making the normally tedious task of focusing with the CCD camera alone quicker and easier.Rather than having to take numerous astrophotos to locate and focus your target, the 1.25" Astromania Astrophotography Flip Mirror lets you do those things visually with a telescope eyepiece. An internal mirror deflects the incoming light 90 degrees up into the eyepiece. A helical fine focus mechanism on the telescope eyepiece holder lets you set the eyepiece focus to be parfocal with the camera. Then, once you've focused the celestial object in the eyepiece, a flip of the side lever drops the mirror to allow the light to enter the camera, rendering a sharp, focused CCD image.The Astro-imaging Flip Mirror was designed specifically for use with StarShoot Deep Space imagers and similarly sized CCD cameras, for which it provides full sensor illumination. Male T-threads on the unit's metal housing allow direct attachment of the CCD camera body. The housing itself connects to a telescope's 1.25" focuser or adapter via the nosepiece, which alternatively can be removed to expose T-threads for direct coupling. The nosepiece is threaded for 1.25" filters. As convenient as it is for CCD imaging, the Astromania Astrophotography Flip Mirror also lets you enjoy visual observation when you want to take a brief break from shooting pictures. Maybe you want to catch an eyeful of that bright planet before it sets. You can do so without having to dismantle your camera setup! Why not streamline your astrophotography routine and take an occasional break to enjoy the views while you're at it? Get the 1.25" Astromania Astrophotography Flip Mirror today! 


  • For precise focusing: In astrophotography, if you want to take successful astronomy photographs, accurate focusing is only one half of the story. The Astromania flip mirror makes it very simple to find both the exact focus point and also the correct positioning for your astronomy photographs. This small black box has a moveable flip mirror which shunts the light path 90°upwards or, alternatively, lets it pass through unhindered.   
  • Always sharp: If you tilt the mirror to the 45° position, the object will then appear in the eyepiece and you will be able to precisely focus it as usual. The helical focuser on the flip mirror lets you make the eyepiece and camera exactly parfocal with each other. This means that both elements will be in focus at the same time. 
  • An object that is accurately centred in the eyepiece will be simultaneously centred in the camera's field of view. You no longer have to worry about whether the object is correctly positioned on the chip - you know it will be.
  • An advantage with all cameras: No finder is provided with popular webcams or astronomical CCD cameras for helping position the object on the chip. Only by taking test exposures is it possible to achieve both sharp focus and the correct object position. The flip mirror is a big help here as the object has already been centred and focused 'remotely' on the chip via the eyepiece.
  • Connectability: The Astromania flip mirror has a 1.25" connector which will fit onto any standard telescope. The helical focuser will accept any standard 1.25" eyepiece. There is a T-2 thread provided on the camera side - the standard fitting for all cameras. 

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