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Astromania 1.25" Extendable Camera Adapter - for Either Prime-focus Or Eyepiece-projection Astrophotography with Refractors or Reflector Telescopes - Threaded for Standard 1.25inch Astronomy Filters


Size:1.25" Extendable Camera Adapter The Astromania 1.25" Variable Universal
Camera Adapters allow attachment of a camera body to reflector and refractor
telescopes for either prime-focus or telescope eyepiece-projection
photography. The adapter's 1.25" nosepiece slides into the telescope's
eyepiece holder just like an eyepiece. This Variable Universal Camera Adapter
is composed of two detachable parts: a prime-focus adapter (or "T-adapter")
for prime-focus photography, and a fixed-length or variable extension tube for
eyepiece-projection photography. A thumbscrew in the extension tube holds the
telescope eyepiece in place. This combination of prime-focus and eyepiece-
projection camera adapter has a sliding barrel design that allows variable
projection distances. This allows for slight changes in magnification without
swapping telescope eyepieces when performing eyepiece-projection photography.
Fits reflector and refractor telescopes with 1.25" eyepiece holders. The
Variable Projection Camera Adapter allows for a continuous range of projection
magnifications during eyepiece-projection photography for telescopes with a
1.25" focuser.The machined sliding-cell assembly can be fixed at any position
along its length and is held in position via a thumbscrew. The resulting
effective focal ratio is then determined by the sliding adjustment and
eyepiece used. A T-ring specific to your D/SLR camera is required to connect
your camera to this adapter (not included).


  • Zoom projection and focal adapter: The simple way to astrophotography begins with this projection adapter. Use your standard Ploessl or Kellner 1.25-inch eyepieces for beautiful photos of the Moon and planets.
  • This easy to use 1.25" Variable Universal Camera Adapter is designed to attach both camera body and telescope together. Compatible for both reflector and refractor telescopes with 1.25" eyepiece holders. Dual design allows the user to make slight magnification adjustments without having to change telescope eyepieces.
  • The 1.25" Variable Universal Camera Adapter is made of black-anodized aluminum, threaded for Standard 1.25inch Astronomy Filters. Projection adapter for 1.25-inch eyepieces of up to 38mm outside diameter, also can be used as a focal adapter with a T2 thread.
  • Two adapters in one: The projection and focal adapter consists of two parts - the projection part and the focal adapter. The projection part is used with an eyepiece for achieving a long focal length with small objects, e.g. for individual craters. Use the focal adapter without the use of an eyepiece so employing the focal length of your telescope - for taking photos of the entire Moon, gas nebula or galaxy.
  • Zooming into the night sky: Use the sliding rear part of the adapter to zoom - pull out to magnify the image - without needing to change your eyepiece. Connect this adapter to each telescope with a 1.25" eyepiece connection. You can use an eyepiece of any focal length - and you can achieve high-magnification images of lunar craters and planets. All you need is a T2 ring and a suitable camera with a bayonet connector.

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