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Astromania 2' Multiple 5-Position Filter Wheel For Telescope - Allowing You To Image Without Any Reflections Or Stray Light


  • Filter positions indicated by the numbers 1-5, takes any standard 2' filter. It's very sturdy aluminum housing makes it also suitable for heavy cameras, accessory-side T-2 and M48 threads.
  • This 2' filter wheel lets you use up to 5 different filters and change them within just a few seconds, you can also leave your filters mounted in the filter wheel, as they are optimally protected from dust and damage there.
  • The telescope side of the filter wheel comes supplied with a 2' adapter, allowing you to quickly and easily attach it to your focuser. The very short design also permits the use of devices with short back focus such as Newton or Dobson telescopes.
  • The filter wheel interior is absolutely light-tight - allowing you to image without any reflections or stray light. It's construction is impermeable to light and thus ensures reflection-free astrophotography.
  • Please note: your focuser will require 20mm of inward focusing distance from the normal focus position to compensate for the thickness of the filter wheel.


Item Description

Astromania 2' filter wheel - change your filter in seconds

This 2' filter wheel lets you use up to 5 different filters and change them within just a few seconds. Whether for astrophotography or visual observing - your filters are always ready to use. Use the filter wheel with UHC, OII, CLS and other filters, for example - which lets you quickly and easily find the best filter when visually observing.

Space for up to 5, well protected, filters

Open the filter wheel and screw up to 5 different filters into it. These can be RGB and luminance filters for astrophotography or wide-band and narrow-band filters for visual observing. You can also leave your filters mounted in the filter wheel, as they are optimally protected from dust and damage there.

Simply rotate to change filter

Imagine you have a camera mounted on the telescope and have to switch between different filters and quickly as possible. This is only possible using a filter wheel. A handy rotary wheel offers you incredibly fast switching between up to 5 different filters. Each filter position is designated by a number, which lets you know which filter is currently in the beam path.

Filter Installation

  • Use the supplied hex key to unthread the four socket head screws of the back panel of the filter wheel assembly. Be sure to place the screws in a safe place so they do not become lost. Once four screws have been removed, gently separate the back plate from the filter wheel. Install the 2' filters of your choice into the tray simply by threading them into the filter tray. You may wish to note the number designation of each installed filter for convenient reference during use. You may find it useful to leave one of the five threaded filter locations empty, providing an unfiltered option for viewing or imaging. Once you have installed all the filters you wish to use, carefully place the filter tray back into the wheel assembly. Be sure the small plastic tab fully registers with the central hole of the wheel assembly so that it clicks into place. Position the rear plate so that the opening is aligned with the opening of the front plate. Complete installation by reattaching the rear plate of the filter wheel assembly with the socket head screws.
  • If you are installing an individual filter or swapping one filter for another, you can avoid partial disassembly of the filter wheel. To install an individual filter, unthread the 2' connector and nosepiece from the assembly to expose the internal filter tray. Rotate the tray so the desired filter location is shown. Install the 2' filter by placing it on the filter tray and rotating it clockwise with your fingertips. Astromania 2' filters feature a knurled rim which will prove helpful for this type of installation. Be careful not to touch the actual filter surface. Note: individual filter installation without disassembly may not be convenient for all users, especially those with large fingers!

Filter Wheel Configurations

Attaching an Eyepiece:

For visual use, you will need to attach the camera adapter and 2' eyepiece adapter to the Multiple Filter Wheel. To do this, thread the two adapters onto the back plate of the wheel assembly. Once the adapters are completely attached, unscrew the knurled thumbscrew until it is flush with the inside surface of the adapter and insert a 2' eyepiece. Secure the eyepiece by tightening the thumbscrew.

Attaching a digital imager:

If you are using a digital imager that features T-threads, you can attach it to the Multiple Filter Wheel. If your digital imager has a 1.25' nosepiece, remove it to expose the T-threads. Now simply thread the imager onto the camera adapter via a 'M48x0.75 (2' Filter) Female to M42*0.75 T / T2 Male Thread Telescope Adapter' (Not Include), and then thread the adapter onto the rear plate of the filter wheel assembly. You can lock your camera or digital imager in a preferred position by using the camera adapter's locking ring. Once you have positioned your camera or imager, rotate the knurled locking ring counter clockwise until it locks the camera or imager into place. Note: This process requires an additional interface 'Astromania M48x0.75 (2' Filter) Female to M42*0.75 T / T2 Male Thread Telescope Adapter', please refer to ASIN: B01DIRJ72I.

Attaching a Camera:

The Multiple Filter Wheel can be extremely useful for astro-imaging with a camera body, be it a SLR camera, CCD, or CMOS device. To attach a SLR camera to the filter wheel, use the included camera adapter, an optional T-ring for your SLR model and a 'M48x0.75 (2' Filter) Female to M42*0.75 T / T2 Male Thread Telescope Adapter' (Not Include). Attach the side of the camera adapter without the knurled lock ring to the rear plate of the wheel assembly by rotating it clockwise until tight. Now thread your SLR camera T-ring onto the exposed T threads. Note: The filter wheel arrives with the camera adapter preinstalled, this process requires an additional interface 'Astromania M48x0.75 (2' Filter) Female to M42*0.75 T / T2 Male Thread Telescope Adapter', please refer to ASIN: B01DIRJ72I.

Parts List and Care/Storage:

Feel free to leave your 2' filters installed in the wheel during storage. To avoid excessive dust buildup, be sure to attach the dustcaps prior to storing, and use a foam-lined accessory case. The foam-lined box your Multiple Filter Wheel arrives in also acts as a convenient storage container.

- Filter Wheel
- 2' Nosepiece
- 2' Eyepiece Adapter
- 2' Conversion Interface
- Hexagon Wrench
- Camera Adapter
- Rotation Lock Ring
- Two Dust Caps (For Storage)

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