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Brand New Astromania Deluxe Off-Axis Guider for Astrophotography

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  • The new Astromania Off Axis Guider is the lowest profile off axis guider that we know. Despite this no compromise has been made with the function and operating comfort of this versatile Off Axis Guider. mechanical flexure between main and guiding telescope can possibly ruin the tracking accuracy if you use an off axis guider.
  • 1) Can be used with correctors & DSLR: The only Off Axis Guider that can be used between a coma corrector (or field flattener) and a DSLR camera without leaving the tolerance for the distance between camera and corrector. 2) Can be used with cooled CCD cameras: The off axis guider provides enough space for filter wheels or filter drawers when using cooled CCD cameras.
  • Place the OAG behind the corrector: The Astromania OAG is used between the corrector and the camera. Using an off axis guider in front of the corrector is not useful. The guide star would be distorted, the distances on both optical paths are too different and you might even get focusing problems with the main camera. Behind the corrector you can avoid these problems, but this only works due to he low profile of the Astromania OAG!
  • Large Clear Aperture: Compared with many simpler guiders the Astromania OAG not only has a shorter overall length, but also a larger clear aperture. A "T2 keyhole" can be avoided, resulting in better illumination for large sensor cameras up to 45mm diagonal.The load for the mount is much reduced. There is no need for a guide scope and the setup will remain more compact. You work with the main telescope's resolution and focal length, not with the typically lower resolution of a guide scope.
  • The Off-Axis Guider comes complete with the adapter required for a 2" focuser. If no autoguider, but rather a reticle, is to be connected, then this Adapter or this Adapter is required. We also have T2-rings in our product range for optical path compensation. Depending on the length required, they are: 7.5mm, 10mm, 15mm and 40mm.


Astromania OAG (Off-Axis Guider) - Tracking the stars the easy way:

An off-axis guider provides an easy way of guiding the telescope for taking your astronomy photos. You do not need to mount a large and heavy guide scope, as this is easier - especially if your telescope cannot withstand much additional loading.
The off-axis guider is extremely compact and relatively lightweight. It is therefore also well suited for your photography using smaller telescopes / mounts.

An off-axis guider works really simply:

The off-axis guider is easily slotted into your 2" focuser and clamped in place. It has a T2 thread on the camera side - standard for the easy adaptation of your camera. To take photos with a DSLR camera, you only need a matching T-ring - and that's everything.
When the light passes through the off-axis guider, a small amount is deflected via a small lateral prism. An additional opening now lets you use your reticule eyepiece or an auto guider. You can then get started immediately after you have found a suitable guide star in the field of view.

Long exposures - Pin-sharp astronomy photos:

You have probably seen many beautiful astronomy photos - magnificent galaxies with imposing spiral arms, red-glowing hydrogen nebulae, globular clusters whose countless stars look like they are embedded in velvet. All those photos were taken using long exposures - photos you can take using an off-axis guider.

You can now control the tracking precisely and achieve deep sky images with perfect pin-sharp stars!

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