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Astronomy could be distinct as the diverge of skill that deals with the research of natures and motion of space bodies like stars, planets and galaxies. There are yet different definitions for Astronomy. This includes the examine of substance and gear exterior earth's atmosphere and having their own objective and compound properties. Some different views compose -Astronomy is the reading of everything. This is because astronomy is the revision of universe and everything is part of the universe.

One can say that all these definitions are accurate and therefore there are many sub fields within astronomy. Cosmologists, Astrometrists, Planetologist, Radio astronomers, Mathematical astronomers are some among these sub divisions. Cosmologists examine universe as an unbroken counting its origin and beginning. Planetologists do cram about all those planets within the solar method and those orbiting cold stars. Astrometrists calculate distances united with universe. Again Radio astronomers use radio telescopes to revise the universe. Numbers, calculations and mathematical astronomers worn statistics to elucidate universe.

We can't say that astronomy is a rack unaided business. It is a combination of different fields. These fields involve mathematics, geology, chemistry, physics, geology, biology. Physics can be said to be as one of the most central part of astronomy. That is why some of the astronomers are known as Astrophysicists. Astronomy could be said to be the oldest knowledge. During the early age, astronomers were priests and holy men, who tried to fix the puzzle of the universe. They tried to verify planting cycles and celebrations. Astronomy theories where first urban and introduced by ancient Greeks. They made out theories about the universe invent as a complete. There were many astronomers who proved them to be great astronomers. Later many of the proof provided by them proved to be illegal, as technology came ahead with a portion hand. Some of them include Ptolemy, Copernicus, Galileo Galilee, Johannes Kepler etc. but one actuality is confident that without the contributions of all those greats the evidence known today could not have reached ahead.

Again it can be said that astrology is the study of universe. An effort to understand the account and make up of universe can be termed to be as astronomy. An infinite subject of fields is enclosed under astronomy. They include stars, nebula, planets, sol, star clusters, galaxies, shady problem, black holes etc. each of these can be again divided into compound topics. Research is done in the entire electromagnetic spectrum. This includes ultraviolet, obvious, x-ray and infrared. Thus it actually covers loads of things when it comes to astronomy.

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we're doing a silly thing like this for class, so i need answers. you know, astronomy, planets, sun, stars, tides, etc. thanks!

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