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This is the Pre-Starfire AP 152 f/8 Oil Spaced Triplet.
I have been in
touch with Christine at Astrophysics about this scope
What she told me, this scope was made in
early 1987.
The Serial # is 608115 (See Photos)

OK so I had a lot of questions about the scope.
I have placed the answers below.

YES - The Coatings are in Perfect Condition.
YES - The Oil is perfect, no streaking or leaks.
NO - There are no scratches on the optics.
YES - It is collimated and shows perfect diffraction patterns.
Diffraction patterns are the same Inside and outside of focus.
YES The focuser is in Good Condition and Collimated to the tube.
I cleaned the old grease myself and used SuperLube on it.
YES The Lens Cell is Collimated to the Tube & Focuser
I check it and adjusted it myself.
Not going to get into the specifics on how I did it. Its all over the net on how to do it.
YES - I have set it up and used it myself.
YES the views though it are, Well Fantastic!!
Velvet Black background with the best color on the stars.
Planets showed great detail at high power.
I had the scope all the way up to 486X and the power held, Good thing I had perfect seeing that night.
Globular Clusters look like jewel boxes,
Great detail on nebula, the Ring Nebula was super to look at and so where all of the other nebula I used it on.

So I'm telling you here is a chance to get yourself one heck of a Fantastic Telescope.
You will not be disappointed after receiving this scope and using it for the first time.

I'm relisting this scope at a lower price $4399
I'm also Packing and Shipping this for FREE in the US 48 States

Here is a list of everything included with the scope.

The Case has new high-density foam and relined with a REALLY COOL
SPACE PATTERN. Was not cheap $100

Original AP Rings included but takes a special plate.
I purchased  Brand New 7" Parallax Tube Rings $184 Shipped
Brand New
Losmandy 14" dovetail plate $92.90 for the scope.

The above came to $376.90

The diagonal from what I was told is the original AP diagonal that came with the scope in mid-1987.
The is no 2” to 1.25” adapter for the diagonal. If I have an extra sitting around I will include it.
I will also be including a used Celestron 8x50 ST Finder with mounting bracket.
It did not come with a dew shield (The last owner damaged it) He was
using a flexible Astrozap dewshield with the scope. Not Included.
If you
want to find or have made a metal dewshield it will be up to the buyer.

If you want to know everything there is to know about the older AP Scopes
Just Google
(A Brief History of Astro-Physics Lenses)

Below is the documentation on this scope direct from AstroPhysics.

manufactures its telescopes and accessories in-house.Our optics are 100% AMERICAN MADE, and we use
only precision “A” grade optical materials made in the U.S.All lenses are polished on pitch laps and
hand corrected on a double pass interferometer.Standard accuracy is 1/16 wave pk. (1/56 wave
rms).All our objectives are
APOCHROMATIC which means that the images are essentially free of false color,
both visually and photographically.


Our 6 inch Refractor uses three matched optical glasses to
combine the colors of the visual spectrum into intense, sharp, concentrated
images.High transmission glass free of
striae and imperfection is used to make a clean optical system with superior
resolution, contrast and light gathering power.When seeing permits, powers up to 600X are practical for lunar/planetary
and double star work. The wide-field
performance of this design is outstanding.
Coma free coverage extends to 2 ¼ x 2 ¼ formats. Images on color film oculars will show over 2
degrees of sky at low power.Deep sky
objects stand out in stark contrast against velvet black skies.




3 element, silicon oil-spaced apochromat, 48”+-1 efl.


Single layer hard magnesium fluoride, 450-650 nm

Light transmission

96.5% over the visible spectrum

35mm Photographic field

1.1x1.6 deg @ F8, 1.7x2.4 deg @ F5.3

Secondary spectrum

Less than +-0.008% from C to F

Light gathering power

460 times unaided eye

Tube type

Aluminum, white, epoxy paint, fully baffled, MISSING THE 10” dewcap

Focuser type

Helical rack & pinion; 2.5” I.D.; 4.5” travel; 2”,
1.25” adapter

Tube assembly dimensions

7” dia. X 45” long, 19 lb.

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