Over the past several years online gamers have popularized certain acronyms abbreviations and slang phrases used to express their emotions opinions and physical conditions.
Newbs see Newbs under in many cases are bewildered by these coined phrases and get on their own typing and in some cases around and about yet again. To prevent this overuse on the problem mark and instruct you with the good use of it we offer the following glossary of online world gaming acronyms abbreviations and slang.
Expressions of appreciation for a fellow gamers humor

please preserve in thoughts that on the net avid gamers tend to overstate their feelings-
LOL - Youre laughing out loud however in genuine everyday living RL you might be purely smiling broadly or conceivably quietly chuckling.
KIK - LOL to the typing-impaired.
ROFL - You happen to be rolling on the flooring laughing. Obviously if you ever had been definitely rolling within the flooring youd be unable to reach the keyboard to express your delight. On the other hand you could be mightily tickled by someones comment or motion. Astrositall
ROFLMAO - Youre rolling within the floor laughing your ass off. Totally triumph over by mirth you respond to the funniest factor you have heard in days by collapsing into helpless laughter. In RL you actually are laughing out loud sometimes for minutes on stop.
LMFAO - Laughing my extra fat arse off LMTAO Laughing my skinny arse off LMAAO Laughing my common arse off - Variation is dependent on your own self-image

Expressions of approbation approval achievement and congratulations-

Woot - Gee that went perfectly. Wow We killed that sumbitch. That sumbitch is lifeless. Ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha.
WOOT - The preserve is ours All them damn sumbitches is dead Or that humongous horrible difficult to destroy dragon or monster and all its nasty minions is lifeless. We rule Were uber We are de perfect WOOT Yea.
FTW - For the win As in Skimpily-clad epic-busted bouncy-bottomed chick avatars ftw
Ding - Youve achieved the latest stage as part of your sport. Newbs usually announce Ding to their mates at just about every level. Hint- No one presents a hoot for those who make level two. No one provides a hoot in case you make degree 12. Previously mentioned level 15 in case you are fighting inside of a team it can be correct to announce a ding. When reaching a significantly vital landmark like as Level 60 70 or eighty in WoW it truly is best suited to announce a ding in your guildmates on top of that. When accomplishing the final stage of your ongoing enlargement it is actually permissible to announce your ding for the entire gaming community remember to use the basic channel. Go for it You earned it You did it Most people will be completely happy to suit your needs and will respond with-
GRATZ or the versions- Grats Gratzz Gratzzzz - some gamers get carried absent with their zzzz. Gratz is surely an quick abbreviation to decode it can be basically a contraction of Congratulations. Utilize it typically make pals play pleasant.
WTG - way to go Self-explanatory.
PWN or PWNED -- Thr styff of lemgendz- Gamer defeats gamer kinds in I pwn you rather than I Private you. This phrase is just an excessively employed World wide web typo. It has been overused to your level that folks who perform online games are making use of it in everyday speech. -- Tory Rowley Corunna Michigan - taken in the Lake Superior Universitys Banished Words Checklist for 2007.

Expressions of dismay and concern-

WTF - what the f. Remember to note the question mark included in this expression. In RL WTF connotes a shrugging shoulder and so what attitude. In gaming WTF expresses confused alarm as in what the HECK just happened here or WHAT the heck just happened here or what the heck just happened HERE
OMG - Oh My Goodness or Oh My Gosh or Oh My God For those moments when you wish to precise your shock dismay or other similar emotion like that moment when 50 Olthoi Eviscerators spawn right in front of you.
ZOMG - A leet addendum to OMG. You can basically fool men and women into thinking you speak leet by attaching a z on the front or back of every English term. zomg izz leetz iz pwnzzz ur azz lawlz
- what are you talking about Please explain your inane non sequitur.
- what the hell is that supposed to mean where do you get off with a remark like that
- who the hell do you think you are take it back right now. how dare you pass this sort of an insulting untrue and entirely uncalled for remark I shall now kill you. duel challenge
STFU - shut the up Great men and women never use this phrase.
JK - just kidding You better say it quick.
IAMF - Its all my fault. Yes it is actually. You screwed up. Admit it apologize and move on.

Common chattext expressions often applied in gaming-

Occasionally you will need to leave your computer to perform a variety of RL tasks mainly getting another beer mug of coffee paying the pizza delivery person changing the babys diaper or reassuring your partner that you might be still aware of their existence. It truly is courteous to inform your groupmates of your absence-
RL - real life BRB - be right back AFK - away from keyboard BIO - short for biological - ie that youre taking a potty break. ATM - at the moment OTW - on the way BTW - by the way
Other courtesies when coming or going or in common chit chat include-
TTYL - talk to you later TYT - take your time NVM - never mind TY - thank you WB - welcome back NP - no problem TYVM - thank you very much BBL - be back later
Additionally oftentimes in group play you need to rest and recoup your resources. Depending in your character class you might use these abbreviations-
OOE - out of endurance. You must rest in order to perform the fighting styles inherent as part of your class. In some video games tanks and stealthers use a lot of end endurance.
OOP - out of power. Your healer or caster class teammate is pooped and must sit down for awhile. NEVER continue to play when your healer is OOP. You will die. Other versions include- OOM - for out of mana LOM - for low on mana and LOP - for low on power.
OOC - out of concentration Some classes require concentration to do their stuff usually when it comes to buffing themselves or other characters. When a player says he or she is OOC it means their concentration pool is all applied up.
OOC part two - Actually in use longer than out of concentration this acronym is also made use of by role-players when they need to say something that is out of character. An example might be- OOC- Crapola guys the cat just barfed on my mouse - brb. Then once the mess is cleaned up they will say IC to let their fellow adventurers know they are back in character and ready to face the next challenge. As a side note we possess a great admiration for our role-playing brothers and sisters. They are a breed apart from we casual - translated lazy - players. salute role-players
Insert speech - Double brackets are also utilized by role-players to indicate they are saying something out of character.
OOM - out of mana same as OOC. Your oom-ph is all gone.
Once rested you could be-
GTG - good to go or RTG - ready to go. GTG can also mean got to go no not that. As in time to log leave the game.
Expressions to display your infinite knowledge and wisdom-

IIRC - If I recall correctly - employed to cover your ass if you happen to misspeak. For example someone asks Where do I find the elite green and purpled speckled hahabird and you react IIRC he is crouching at the top with the third hahatree to your left. Naturally at that point Mr. Know-it-all Perfect Gamer says FWIW actually he is hiding beneath the tiny hehebush under the tree.
FWIW - for what its worth - an expression of false modesty when stating your flawless opinion.
IDK - I dont know - then why are you speaking up
Expressions referring to loot-

phat lewtz - wonderful gear.
BoE - bind on equip - refers to loot drops that anyone can pick up to use sell or give absent.
BoP - bind on pickup - the moment you pick it up it becomes bound soulbound in WoW to you. In groups if you pick up a BoP item which you cannot personally use and without asking first you will die and go to the deepest coldest hell ever imagined by any gamer anywhere. Your first response to any BoP drop is to PASS.
Ninja Looting - grabbing loot from a slain monster chest etc. that you dont have a right to grab or that you didnt earn or that you dont need. Ninja looting is very very bad form and - in case you do it consistently - can get you labeled by other players as a ninja looter. Which is a sure option to get yourself black-listed from groups guilds andor raiding parties. Ninja looters typically become very lonely players.
On the internet gamers have a very variety of slang terms for your various character classes and their abilities-

Tank - One particular belonging to the heavily armored fighting classes usually without magical ability or with limited magical ability like as armsmen paladins warriors champions heros etc. The tanks motto- hold the agro.
Caster - Any for the wide variety of magical spell-casting classes these as mages wizards cabalists shamans enchanters etc. Casters have their very very own set of expressions describing the vital work they do. Some common terms include-
Freeze - A spell that freezes the recipient making them unmoving or majorly slowed and at times utterly not able to defend on their own. In some video games root is a similar type spell.
Mezz - Short for mesmerize. Arrgh to be mezzed is to be made helpless confused and unmoving while the tanks move in and eliminate you. You cant run you cant hide. You might be lifeless dead dead.
AOE - area of effect - a spell that effects everything within a designated perimeter.
Stealther - Any of a class that can become literally invisible. Assassins sneak up on the foe and slice their throats with a single stroke. Rogues assassins archers and minstrelsbards generally have the ability to stealth.
Healers - Duh the classes that heal. The most beloved yet most maligned of any class in team perform. When the team lives the healer is the greatest thing since sliced bread. When the team dies the healer takes the blame. You need a thick skin to be a healer.
Rezzers - Those classes with the ability to rez resurrect the dead. The wonderful point about playing games is that you never genuinely die. You get to come back for more about and around all over again. Should you learn from your karmic mistakes you will eventually achieve the highest level and never never have to worry about losing experience ever again. Recreation nirvana.
DOT - A pesky spell or poison that causes damage about time - repeatedly hurting you until it can be cured wears off or leaves you lying on the ground looking for the rez.
DPS - damage per second. This can refer to a magical spell or a weapon as in My fire-up-your-arse spell does 1350000 dps or it can refer to a player class as in Looking for one more for Deep Dark Dangerous Dungeon-Crawl Quest. Have tank and healer. Need DPS.
PUG - 1. In RL a pug is a small wheezy dog that looks like it had its face smashed in by brick wall. 2. In on the web gaming the acronym PUG stands for Pick-Up Team which is a team of players whove gotten together or been thrown together in order to accomplish a goal a quest or whatever. PUGs are oftentimes mix-and-match hit-or-miss groups that are less than optimum for attaining a goal. The opposite of a PUG is a-
Pre-Made Group - A planned balanced group of players with the proper mix of tanks healers AoEers DPSers etc. who have gathered to accomplish a specific goal.
Expressions referring to monsters or foes-

MOB - a dangerous monster. You will eliminate it.
INC - the dangerous monster group of monsters or group of enemy players is incoming - in other words headed your way.
ADD - Oops here comes another a single.
BAF - Dang it brought a friend. Or someone might pass the remark watch out it BAFs brings a friend.
Pat - short for patrol a wandering mob or group of mobs. Preferred to wait till theyre gone before starting the pull or a wipe may perhaps be the result. pull attacking the targetted mob sometimes from a distance. wipe everyone dies.
Agro - a military term brought with the gaming world. The monster is whacking on you - you have the agro. Ouch. If the healer or caster has the agro they will shout HELP or Get it off me Now. If youre a tank or melee specialist do so.
PvM or PvE - Player versus Monster and Player versus Environment.
PvP Player versus Player RvR Realm versus Realm and FvF Faction versus Faction - A lot of video games include player versus player motion in an individual form or another. Theres a lot of satisfaction to be had in burying your sword arrow or spear in an enemy when you know theres a serious person behind the toon in your screen. Talk about a challenge But that does bring up the inevitable-
PK or PKer Player Killer - While theres honorable PvP action to be had many games leave room for the inevitable PKers those most people whose only joy in gaming seems to be in killing other players. As a rule even though PvP action is integral to many video games the term PKer is generally a negative one particular utilised to describe a person who kills players much lower stage than he is or at a disadvantage for some other reason. Synonym - griefer - provides much grief to lowbies just trying to level their chars.
PKKPKKer Player Killer Killer - The knight in shining armor who rushes towards the rescue of lowbies throughout the lands dashing from level to point to take out the griefers restore order and make those bullies run crying for their mamas.
PKKKPKKKer - Is there no stop in sight Someone make sure you stop this endless cycle of violence.
PC and NPC - Humanoids friendly or foe either controlled by a genuine person PC - Player Character or by your computer or server Non-Player Character.
Spawn - A place where an NPC or MOB appears during the game world. Example- Anyone know where blue-bellied bug-eyed big-bottomed barflies spawn I need to seduce one particular for this quest.
XP - Experience points.
Zerg - Tactics Who needs em Organization Never heard of it All you need to do is overwhelm the other guys with NUMBERS The video recreation phrase zerg orginated with the zerglings of Blizzard Entertainments StarCraft sport. In internet video gaming it means to overpower an enemy with sheer numbers.
Expressions applied with computer malfunctions or difficulties-

Lag - Lag means to slow due to excessive memory use or slow On-line connection. Commonly found in graphic-intensive or player-intensive environments lag causes a huge slowdown with your characters movement typically leading to disaster. Lag kills. A longer term for lag is latency.
DC - disconnected from server LC - lost connection or LD - link dead. You could be standing there arms held loosely at your side. That you are not combating back. Your connection with the recreation is gone but for 5 or 10 seconds or longer you will be at the mercy of your foe. You are now dead.
S - What you say out loud in RL when you DC.
Typical gaming terms and acronyms applied in popular games-

Newb newbie - a brand new player generally made use of derisively as in stupid newb.
Noob - dweeb lame a twit nerd. What a noob.
Dood - dude. Dudes are cool. Doods are kewl. They are also leet and uber.
Nerf - to reduce abilities andor effectiveness in battle. Eg when will Mythic nerf them damn bone dancers or Blizz gotta nerf those stupid pallies.
Toon - Short for cartoon a character in an on-line video game. Usage example- Ill log and get my other toon. The toons on this server are lame.
Twink - They sparkle. They shine. They positively twinkle in their ill-gotten glory. A Twink is a low-level character wearing gear far far superior to what they could afford on their unique. Sugar Daddy a high-level character regularly the main of an alt Twink has twinked them sweet enough to own the low-level PvP combat arenas.
AA - alternate abilities. Some games or game expansions include paths you can take to acquire skill or expertise in areas other than your main skill or ability lines.
NP - This means no problem and is utilised within a couple of ways. First when that noob somehow messes up and gets you killed but has the courtesy to apologize for his mistake you can reply with NP. Second when you do something seriously sweet for someone and they gush through with thankfulness you can say NP as in no big deal or YW - Youre welcome.
Bot or Buffbot - A character created solely to support other characters usually a healer who trails behind keeping the main character or team fully buffed and healed.
Buffs - Spells that enhance strength power or other abilities. An individual on the primary functions of your healer classes and some caster classes is to buff their fellow players so that they perform to their maximum ability.
LOS - line of sight. Casters cant make firebolts curve around obstacles the way that guy in Wanted could. If only. We wish. Sadly mobs seem to have no trouble shooting spells through walls or through ship decks. Damn those murlocs. Damn them all.
PL - power level. When a higher stage character groups with a lower level character for purposes of providing the lower stage character with incredibly swift gains in xp. A stage 2 noob sends a tell asking a degree 45 to PL them. Best suited response- no way.
XP - experience points.
Alt - Alternate character. Characters you have created in addition to your main.
LFG - looking for group. When looking to get a group its usually helpful to let other people know what youre looking to accomplish likewise as your characters class and level. Example- 50 mage lfg for donut dunking quest.
Main - Your most played highest level or first created character.
Mine Farm Pharm - To stay in 1 place killing the same mob in excess of and over and through once more for loot or xp.
Grind - Just like RL in gaming you still have your daily grind doing faction quests farming for crafting materials leveling toons raiding for tokens. sighs Theres something not quite right about that.
QFT - quoted for truth. Utilised to express your agreement with another persons statement opinion etc.
RTFM - Read the F Manual - a not especially polite solution to stop that annoying noob from asking you problem after issue after problem after .... Or if youre in a very good mood or feeling patient it can also mean Right Turn Follow Me after which you lead the noob through by the hand.
Spam - To repeat an motion more than and over yet again. This phrase is also used to describe speech generally in a very public chat channel that is either out of place or repetetive. Example- Goober the degree two noob wants absolutely everyone to know how many hairy spiders hes killed so reports from the normal channel the completion of just about every eliminate. Bigcheese the level 40 been around a long time tells Goober- Stop spamming standard chat
Tell Send or Whisper - Private communication from 1 player to another.
TP - teleport or in some games town portal. In-game service or player-provided service for teleporting instantly or quickly from a person area of your gaming world to another.
Train - A whole bunch of mobs chasing after someone who cant handle them. Choo choo
Zone - Many on-line gaming worlds are so vast they have to be divided into areas or zones. Generally when you enter a different zone in the sport there will be a delay while your computer loads the graphics sound files and other stuff for that zone into your computers RAM.
WTBWTSWTT - want to buy want to sell want to trade Commerce and craft skills are an integral part of most each and every recreation.
PW - Most on-line video games record actions of players groups of players or full realms and change accordingly above time. These changing game worlds are called persistent worlds.
RL - True lifestyle.
RPG - role-playing sport either on or off-line.
-ZOR suffix with a definition from
MMORPG - massively multi-player on line role-playing video game.

Astrositall In the automobile entire world there have been many car names that come as well as go and then later on would come back as the second model. Or youll find vehicle names that are used by different automobiles all at the same time. This example of confusion and double naming also has happened to the Avoid Challenger. For this automobile there have been two the latest models of that held exactly the same name. The first vehicle lived from The early 70s to 1974 throughout the other hand the other Dodge Challenger existed from 1978 up to 1983. Both vehicles ended up marketed and leaped under the umbrella involving Chrysler Corporations Dodge team during the 1970s.

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