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This dew shield and DC adapter are both new. Included is:

Astrozap Flexi-Heat Dew Shield with One Notch For Celestron 9.25” Evolution Telescopes

The AZ-809-E Heated Dew Shield is sized to fit the Celestron 9.25” Evolution telescope or optical tubes that have an outer diameter of 268 mm. A notch has been cut out of the flexible dew shield to accommodate one side bar.

All Astrozap Flexi-Heat Dew Shields require the use of a simple D/C adapter (AZ-719) or dual channel controller (AZ-720) to be powered.

The AstroZap AZ-719 D/C Adapter was built specifically for those individuals that don't want to purchase a Dew Controller. Works great with AstroZap Dew Heaters and Flexi-Heat Dew Shields.

So how does it work? All you have to do is take one end of the D/C Adapter and plug it into the Cigarette Lighter / 12v DC power supply of your vehicle. Once connected a stream of power will be provided to your AstroZap dew heater or flexi-heat dew shield.

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