Atlantis Space Shuttle

Will NASA have to yield to the weather once again and ditch the space shuttle Atlantis launch? Will Hurricane Florence like her half brother Tropical Storm Eduardo cause a problem? Well it does not look like Mother Nature is any match for the six member Space Shuttle Crew on this go-around.

If you will recall Hurricane Eduardo at the last minute died down to a mere weak Tropical Storm, but it did pass exactly over the top of Cape Canaveral, the eye went right over the hanger that the Space Shuttle was put in for safe keeping, so you have to hand it to the NASA folks, smart move, better safe than sorry.

Kennedy Space Center predicts a perfect launch this time as Hurricane Florence still forming from a Tropical Storm to a category one is 2,000 plus miles away and will still be 1500 plus miles away when the Shuttle is launched and even if it is not launched on time, there is time to spare indeed before Hurricane Florence makes her debut with any landfall.

So, it looks as if it is good to go for the International Space Station and the upgrades, which have been waiting and then beyond as NASA looks forward to future missions to the moon, a base station, trips to Mars and eventually a colony there most likely in our lifetimes. Go get them NASA. American ingenuity, expertise and perseverance is what it is all about now. Consider this in 2006.

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US 193 just might be headed straight into space shuttle/lab atlantis.Where will it land? Russia/or Syria? Wow?

I don't believe the atlantis will return. With that crew alive

You might wish to post this question over in space in the mathematics and science section.

Raw Video: Lift Off for Space Shuttle Atlantis

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