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Baader LRGB Anti-Reflection Filter Set - 1.25" # FLRGB-1 2458472

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  • Premium Baader 1.25" LRGB filter set for astrophotography with monochrome CCD and CMOS astronomy cameras
  • Precisely engineered passbands for superb color separation and contrast
  • Designed to pass critical wavelengths from nebulae and stars while rejecting light pollution from some terrestrial sources
  • UV/IR-cut Luminance filter rejects out-of-band light for pinpoint star images
  • Individually-coated filters prevent degradation from moisture
  • Hard coated for easy cleaning and long life

Baader 1.25" RGB Filter Set with UV/IR Cut L-Filter - Set of 4 filters. Baader item # FLRGB-1 or 2458472.


The premium filter LRGB filter set from Baader Planetarium is ideal for use with monochrome CCD and CMOS cameras for high-quality astrophotography through a telescope with high contrast and accurate color rendition in emission, reflection, and planetary nebulae, star clusters, and planets.

This filter set includes precisely engineered RGB color filters and a UV/IR-cut L (luminance) filter. Each filter is mounted in a precisely constructed 1.25” filter cell and hard coated for long life, even in demanding environmental conditions.

Superior Optical and Spectral Performance

Baader partnered with a leading optical thin-film coating provider to design and deposit multi-layer optical coatings that provide nearly ideal RGB transmission bands. The filters provide high light transmission over each passband and sharp cutoff outside of each band to maintain high contrast and color separation.

Individually, the Blue and Green filters pass light at the discrete wavelengths of H-beta (486nm) and OIII (501nm), respectively, but they also overlap to transmit proportionately more light from the important OIII band which is important in many nebulae.

The Green and Red filters in this set have a slight gap between their passbands to help reject undesirable emissions at 580nm from common mercury and sodium street lamps. This results in excellent color balance and rendition as well as high contrast and image sharpness, even in relatively light-polluted sky. The Red filter also fully transmits light from SII emission at 672nm.

The luminance filter, which transmits from 400nm to 700nm, also suppresses transmission of unwanted light outside of the visible band where the camera sensor is still sensitive (from 300nm-400nm and 700nm-1150nm) to ensure razor sharp star images. Many budget filter sets do not provide this degree of out-of-band rejection.

The Baader LRGB filter set also includes:

  • Homogeneous glass substrates that are parfocal and precision-polished to ¼-wave
  • Hard-coating of each individual filter substrate
  • Balanced RGB transmission to enable 1:1:1 exposure time for most telescope/camera systems
  • Maximized color contrast and transmission for each RGB channel
  • Virtual elimination of halos, reflections, and ghosting for professional quality astrophotos

Mechanical Design and Processing for Long Life

Unlike many budget filters, Baader Planetarium filters are not “biscuit cut” out of larger plates of glass, a process that causes micro-cracks around the filter edges. These cracks can attract moisture between the glass substrate and coating layers via capillary action which causes premature aging and degradation. By contrast, each Baader filter is individually coated to have sealed edges which prevent the penetration of moisture, even in very humid conditions.

Baader filters are tested repeatedly to comply with MIL-specifications. One common process is to boil the test specimen for one hour in salt water to induced damage. Unlike budget filters cut from larger plates, Baader filters remained completely intact during this rigorous environmental testing.

All Baader filters also include a hard, ion-beam-deposited scratch-resistant coating that makes routine cleaning easy and safe. These filters are truly made for a lifetime of serious astrophotography, and they will produce spectacular images with nearly any telescope.

Agena Note: Please note that the filters in this set do not feature a female thread. Hence, you cannot stack additional 1.25" filters on to these items.



Note: Occasionally, the product you receive might have a slightly different cosmetic appearance or labeling than what is shown. This can often change from batch to batch according to the whims of the manufacturer. However, you will always receive a brand new, original product as described above.

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