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Barlow Lens 5X 1.25 Fully Metal Multi Coated Optical Glass with T Adapter M C3U5

The lens provides high power magnification to make it look closer and more detailed. AT The Moon's earth surface, etc.T-adapter and Barlow lens full-color coated optical design for clearer image Fully coated higher eyepiece magnification planetary filter Jupiter Saturn exquisitely lifts Mars and Venus
5 X Barlow lens housing is black to maximize image contrast The body is all black metal construction for long-term use
High-magnification existing eyepieces to see more details of the moon and the band of Jupiter that clearly Barlow lenses are a must.It will help your existing 2x volume set eyepieces cost a single eyepiece for easy use just insert the eyepiece the Barlow lens
Then insert the range of the Barlow lens.The Barlow lens can also provide more magnification without lowering your eyepiece exit hole for comfortable viewing at a wide angle
All 5.08 cm eyepieces with 2x magnification power are fundamentally indexed by each factor of the focal length of the eyepiece 5
5x magnification factor with 5.08 cm interface
All 5.08 cm eyepiece without magnification at 2x
Fully multilayer coated optical glass lenses
High transmittance ensures clear vision
M42 X 0.75 thread
Connects DSLRs and other T-thread type accessories
High quality metallic black anodized body
Precision machining robust long-term use
Short height
7.2 cm easy to use and carry
Keep your lenses clear and convenient
Magnification factor 5 X
Fully multi-layer coating
Number of lenses: single lens
Type T adapter and Barlow lenses
Common Barlow Lenses
The Barlow lens is to improve the image quality but also the viewing comfort of important characters
Even well-made Barlows can compromise imaging quality
When Barlow lens and eyepiece are used together, if it is higher than the Barlow's maximum ef

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