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Questar Duplex 3.5" with Broad Band Coatings, and all original eyepieces and accessories in as new case. Condition is Manufacturer refurbished.

Shipped UPS or USPS, insured for purchase price packed identically to the way Questar ships and in the same carton.

Questars are everything they have always been claimed to be. For the past 70 years, they have been manufactured without many changes in the USA with the same accessories and the same magnificient Brandon eyepieces. The ultimate in compact astronomical telescopes and telephoto equipment.

The Duplex type functions as an astronomical telescope in exactly the same way as a standard Questar but if desired, with the twist of a knob, the instrument detaches from the equatorial mount and can be hand held or attached to a standard tripod for use as a birder, telephoto lens, surveillance instrument or any other similar use.  The near focus is about 20 feet so in effect at high power, it is almost a portable microscope of sorts.

A new Duplex from Questar with all the same accessories this one has, is more than $6000 with shipping.

This instrument has been refurbished to new condition, at considerable cost at Questar which included cleaning and adjusting all optics (in this case another set of optics was installed as well), adjusting all mechanical parts, collimating, polishing of metal parts, adjusting the finder, cleaning the eyepieces, and the usual total factory recommended service.

It is shown in a photo mounted on a Davis & Sandord Magnum XG with the FX13 Fluid head. The tripod is not included. The are reasonably priced at Questar at $195.

A word about buying a used Questar: a lot of Questars that show up have been bought from an estate sale by people who know nothing about telescopes.

While most of them seem honest enough, you'd think they would at least twist knobs to see if the it moves.

The Questar is not a telescope you can work on yourself. It is a precision small observatory quality instrument, a Cassegrain Maksutov. If there is anything wrong, it goes back to Questar whose prices are reasonable, but a full standard service is $500 plus parts and shipping which is $180 at least both ways.

And Questar itself recommends a standard service every five years.

That bargain you thought you were getting on a 60's or 70's Questar has mechanical parts and optical coatings that are now more than half a century old.

For example, if the telescope only moves in one direction in Declination which is a fairly common problem, the fix is only  $80 in parts but there is labor plus shipping both ways. The bill will be around $350-400.

If the optics or finder are out of collimation, you are in for some significant money.

If the coatings are gone, some mirrors can be recoated and some can't. If the optical coatings are bad in that "bargain" you thought you bought, new optics are $1400 plus the standard service plus shipping both ways and insurance. That will probably add up to more than you paid in the first place.

This Duplex telescope was manufactured June 8, 1973. The serial number is 3DP5426 BB. It has the solar filter in its pouch in the high quality and new appearing case, both Brandon eyepieces, the newer style (older models have power engraved on the top: 40x-80x for the low power and low when the barlow is selected, and 80x-160x for the higher power). Questar usually adjusts the barlow to about 1.8 times initial power.

The drive cord is unmarked and the drive works as it should and has been adjusted by Questar. The three tripod legs with adjustable latitude are in their appropriate slots in the door of the case.

It has the finder solar filter installed.

Please examine the photos very carefully. What you see is what you will get. If you'd like additional photos, they can be emailed to you.

Feel free to ask any questions at any time. And please do so before you bid. Note that I am a no return site. Thank you for looking at this fine instrument.

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