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Binoculars have many different uses. Binoculars are used for hobbies, work, military, and even law enforcement  purposes. Almost everyone has seen a pair of binoculars whether on television or in person. When thinking about hobbies that involves binoculars bird watching is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Watching a bird soar through the air using a pair of binoculars can be a thrilling experience. This gives you a first hand look at nature at work. Scientists have used this method a long time now to study bird behaviors not only birds but other animal behaviors as well. From a distance scientists have a chance to observe animals without disturbing their natural behavior.

Before buying a bird watcher binoculars you should research the best binoculars for your budget. While not all binoculars are expensive with a decent budget you can consider extra features that might make the experience even more pleasurable. All binoculars are classified by a power level or magnification specification. The higher the number the larger the distant image will appear. However the higher the magnification the harder it will be to hold the binoculars steady. Anyone new to binoculars is better off with a magnification lower than 10x. Tripods are a cheap fix but also make the binoculars less portable. A more expensive solution is image-stabilizing binoculars. These types of binoculars are built to keep the image steady but also make the binoculars heavier.

Weatherproofing and armoring are a good idea which protect the binoculars making them last longer. Weatherproofing falls into three categories none, showerproof, waterproof, and nitrogen purged. Nitrogen purged waterproofing is the best choice for bird watchers. Nitrogen purging always keeps out dust and sand. Armoring is good for all binoculars regardless of use. Armoring provides shock resistance. No matter how careful we are some times we get a little clumsy. Dropping your binoculars is a scary thought with armoring it isn't nearly as bad. Both are a very good idea if you happen to purchase a very expensive pair of binoculars. It would be a shame to drop and destroy your binoculars on your first bird watching trip.

Binoculars with cameras can sometimes be found at discount prices. The camera will take pictures of everything you see through the binoculars. Some even allow the possibility of videos. With cameras you could print out the images at home or send them to a fellow bird watcher. Extra memory is a good ideas if you plan on saving a lot of pictures or videos. Well by now you should know all there is to know about binoculars and bird watchers. One final rule: Have fun!

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Have you ever used those binoculars with a built-in digital camera?

I am looking to buy some binoculars with a built-in digital camera. Are they any good? Anyone out there who have used them wanna tell us what you think of them? thanx

Seen em at the local Sharper Image/Brookstone and they dont seem to be much better than a camera with a decent zoom lens... Not sure how much the bino-camera costs, but you may want to check out a good camera instead...

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