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Binoculars are the duty gear for many professionals

A tactical gear store can be a favored shopping center of all those who are part of paramilitary forces, those who are coast guards, or private security guards. But such a store will be an equally favorite haunt of all types of adventure and thrill seekers, who are forever keen on widening the frontiers of their knowledge by exploring the unexplored, and unraveling the mysteries of nature. Some common equipment that are part of the duty gear of law enforcement agencies, and are indispensable for hunters, adventurists, and sailors, are binoculars, night vision goggles, spotting scopes, and laser rangefinders. Different models of these equipments, designed to suit the requirements of different category of users, will be on hand in a tactical gear store throughout any country.

Binoculars with varying magnifying powers, and different sizes, will be available at any tactical gear store. While binoculars will be part of the duty gear of people in many professions, hunters, sailors, tourists, birdwatchers, and even butterfly watchers also avidly court it. The power of binoculars is commonly expressed by two numbers, for example, like 7x25. Here 7x is the magnification power of this important duty gear component, which means that the object that is being seen through the binoculars will appear 7 times closer than it will appear when seen with the naked eye.

When you shop for a pair of binoculars at a tactical gear store, you should check both the magnifying power, and the second number, which indicates the diameter of the objective lens of the binoculars in mm. The larger the diameter of the objective lens, the more the light that can enter the binoculars, which means that the larger the diameter of the front lens, viewing things will be easier even in dull light. With a 7x25 binocular as part of his duty gear, a security guard will be able to see a lurking danger at very close quarters. A 25mm diameter may not, however, aid much in vision if the light is dull. But if the diameter is 50mm, it will bring in a lot of light and will make things visible even in dull light.

A visit to a tactical gear store, for the right pair of binoculars, is a must for myriad categories of people before they embark on their duties. It is a must for those who are planning an African safari, for those who want to practice their sniper skills, or for sailors who want to explore the coasts where they may not disembark but only see from a distance. In one form or other, a pair of binoculars is the duty gear of all these people.

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I am going to the U2 concert at Carter Finley stadium?

We want to know what we are allowed to take into the concert. Cameras, phones, binoculars, bag that carries everything, etc....

Got this from Ticketmaster today:

Doors open for the show at 5:00pm and there will be specific gates designated for General Admission Field ticket holders and for Red Zone Auction winners.
General Admission Field Ticket Holders will need to enter at 6.
Red Zone 1 winners will need to enter at gate 2 or 3.
Red Zone 2 winners will need to enter at gate 8 or 9.
Parking lots will open at 3:00pm and entrance to parking will cost $20 per car / $40 per RV. For RV parking, call NC State Fairgrounds at (919) 821-7400. Handicap Accessible Parking should enter at Gate B.
The Box Office will open at 10:00am for both sales and willcall. The Box Office is located between Gates 4 and 5.
The following items are prohibited inside the stadium:
Food, drink containers, bags or backpacks, bottles, artificial noise-makers, cans, thermos bottles, ice bags, ice chests, strollers, video cameras, large flags, flags on poles, banners or signs, weapons, or any object deemed hazardous by stadium management. Diaper bags accompanied by an infant are permitted.

Looks like cameras and phones, binoculars are fine, as far as big bags though you might want to downsize. So Excited!! Hope you have better seats than me!! lol


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