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Ultra Compact Binoculars For Everyday Use

Binoculars have become more and more popular over recent years, having many uses in a range of outdoor recreational activities and pursuits. If you are going hunting, camping, hiking, fishing or sailing, a pair of binoculars can add a new dimension and in some cases could be an essential piece of equipment. But could ultra compact binoculars do the same thing for our everyday lives?

Only a few years ago, it would have seemed ridiculous to suggest that we wouldn't consider leaving the house without taking a phone with us. And yet now, carrying a cellular phone has become the norm and it seems strange not to have one. They seem to grow in sophistication on an almost weekly basis, with improved cameras, music players and software. What was once a toy for the techno geek is now mainstream.

Binocular technology has also advanced, particularly in the area of compact binoculars. Some of the models that are available now look very different from the larger, more traditional designs. They look modern, sleek, stylish and very, very small. The newer ultra compact binoculars would easily fit into a purse or shirt pocket and are just as easy to carry around as the ubiquitous cell phone.

Small size doesn't equate to low quality though. It is now possible to get very good optics and quite high magnification in a very small package. They won't break the bank either with prices comparing very favourably with some of the other technology that we carry around. So what use would we city dwellers make of these shiny new devices?

There are obvious uses such as at sports events such as football games, horse racing or track and field. But what about indoor sports like basketball or ice hockey. There is also the theatre, ballet and opera. These modern devices are just as unobtrusive to carry around, and of far better quality than traditional opera glasses.

These devices are not just for viewing objects at great distances. They can also have a very short minimum focusing range, enabling you to better appreciate the detail on object that is quite close. From taking a closer look at the ornate carving on the walls of a building, to picking out the finer points of a painting or sculpture in a gallery, compact binoculars can enhance your viewing pleasure.

And, let's be honest, it's not all about the pursuit of culture, binoculars can just be fun. Who doesn't like to people watch from time to time? When you leave the gallery, you can find a pavement café, drink a coffee and watch the world go by. And if something interesting seems to be happening on the other side of the square, you can zoom in for a closer look. Go on, you know you want to.

We have become accustomed to being able to carry our entertainment around with us. With developments in ultra compact binocular technology opening up new possibilities for fun on the move, could they become the latest 'must have' accessory? They are certainly available at prices to suit most budgets without stinting on quality. Will you be ahead of the trend?

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Is God watching over me?

I get this creepy feeling that God is always watching me and interrupting in my life. I'll leave my room to shower and I'll come back and my window and shades will be open. I asked my neighbor if he has noticed anything and he said no. He is always carrying binoculars around with him so I guess he would see God if he was watching us.

He's definitely watching you, and your neighbor must be watching for God too.
If you see a little peep hole in your shower, don't worry about it. It's just God watching you to make sure you don't do anything he wouldn't approve of.
Would you like for me to come over one day while you're showering? Just to um, you know, make sure God is watching you and such...

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