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Binoculars are essentially used in astronomy, birding, hunting, marine spotting, sports, and a host of other outdoor activity. These are one of the handiest and most widespread of all optical instruments these are essentially two eyeglasses put together to give you a combined view as a pair of glasses does. Only the distance of focus and clarity is a lot more. There are as many users and manufacturers, as there are uses for these.

Bushnell has manufactured a variety of waterproof binoculars for use in sports, nature spotting, in water sports and many more activities and these are all in the price range $37-$999. Zeiss is renowned for its configuration and technical specifications that meet the highest demands and leave absolutely nothing to be desired it is designed for higher-powered low-light usage, such as long distance hunting both on land and at sea. Their range is completely waterproofed for submersion, and dry-nitrogen cleansed to prevent fogging on the inside$. Price s range around $319 - $1,420. ZhumellsÂ’s most well known product is the pair of binoculars with a compass for marinesÂ’ use which costs $249.Meade has a binocular with a digital camera that costs $299. There are several other established products for you to choose from.

The prices depend on the specifications like the purpose of the binos, size distance to be viewed and the features it offers. All these manufactures have a pair to suit any of your requirements, as do many others. The advantage of buying these online is that you not only get to compare the product and its specifications but also the price, thus ensuring you get the best bargain and value for the money you pay for the product. ItÂ’s wise to do your basic groundwork before you buy this product since itÂ’s going to literally see you a long way.

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business in nautical products?

Hi, I came across this wonderful company which goes by the name of Roorkee instruments which deals in exporting and selling of nautical products like nautical compass, nautical sextants, nautical binoculars, nautical clocks etc. The idea of starting a business in this field looks promising and is still in its nascent stage. Can anyone give me an ideas as to how should I move into this business. Where can I find the relevant information on the subject? Can anyone out there help me out??

First you need to search each of the products you might carry to see what they are actually selling for at retail (Not what the manufacturer's suggested retail price is) and then find out what you need to pay and quantity you must buy to get wholesale prices. Then you have to decide what quality each manufacturer offers for the money. Remember that the market becomes much smaller if you only handle "Top Quality" products, as most boat owners shop by price. (Welcome to the retail trade!)

It seems like a rather limited market so you also have to decide how long your inventory will sit on the shelf costing you money? I'll bet that "nautical instruments" is just a single line and the company handles many more lines of items as well.

I'm not sure that this field is as much in the infant stage as you assume. I've been sailing for close to 50 years and have never had any problem finding any of those products for my boats.

BINOCULARS.COM (Zhumell 7x50 Marine with Compass and Reticle

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