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Olympus is the inventor of micro cassette format. Micro cassette recorders are of great use to each and every one. Because people do speak many times faster than they can write, a tape recorder provides in a precise manner, reviewing a meeting or interview. Recorders are mostly used by students for taking notes, in a similar way it's been used by business oriented people too. Recorders are compulsorily utilized by correspondents who need to take interviews and later have to make a final draft of it. It is a good gadget to own for job as they can use it to practice interviews.


With this micro cassette recorder, is a redesigned version the well-liked this micro cassette recorder. It is 4.9 inches in height, 2.6 inches wide and measures 1 inch in depth. This micro cassette recorder has a new look and a modern feel to it. Its design is ergonomic. Even though they have introduced some changes in the design, they have kept the quality and features intact.

Key Features

Some key features are also added in this micro cassette. It can perform basic function and also mobile recording functions. So you get a double advantage with this one. For those of you who need to maximize their time and efficiency together, a built-in, highly sensitive microphone assists in the recording process. It is activated when you press both the play and record buttons simultaneously.

It has an important cue and review feature. This is a very helpful and an important feature as you can do random high speed searching for recorded information. Thus, this recorder saves your time as well. This micro cassette recorder has an earphone jack for private review of recorded material. Uninterrupted recording is possible up to 180 minutes. You can record at an amazing speed of 1.2 cm per second on MC-90 tape.

The built-in microphone in this micro cassette recorder helps you to record anytime, anywhere. You get an absolute perfect and crystal clear sound, thanks to the built-in speaker. Olympus S701 micro cassette recorder is powered by a distinct, lightweight two AA batteries.


The various accessories compatible with OLYMPUS S701 micro cassette recorder are transcribing headset and mini earphone. These are useful and can come handy anytime. Apart from MC-90 tape, many other tapes too are compatible and can be used with Olympus S701 micro cassette recorder. Tapes like XB-60 Tape 3 Pack and XZ-90 Long Play micro cassette Tape give same results. These tapes are manufactured by Olympus only, thus you do not worry at all about their quality performance.


This micro cassette recorder is an analog recorder. It is perfect for business-users. Its sleek design makes it possible to fit comfortably in the pocket, briefcase or bag. It features easy push buttons. It is quick, convenient and simple use.

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Hi. I am eligible to receive an award at work, and one of the prizes I can choose from is a Bushnell Imageview Binoculars. I was looking at the Bushnell website to find out how many megapixels the camera has but it only says "VGA megapixel still pictures." What does this mean....? How do I know how many megapixels the binocular camera has? Thanks.

"How do I know how many megapixels the binocular camera has?" Sorry to say, but the binocular camera probably does not even have 1 megapixel!!

The term VGA is often used to refer to a resolution of 640×480, regardless of the hardware that produces the picture.

640×480 resolution is equal to 307,200 pixels (less than 1/2 a mega-pixel). This is close to the image quality of a standard definition TV. 500,000 pixels would be about 1/2 a mega-pixel.

This kind of resolution (640×480) is good for emails because the file size is small. You could make small prints but enlargements would look very coarse.

You should not use a camera with less than 2 mega-pixels.


I am taking photography/graphic arts at college.

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